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recruitment coordinator jobs in canada
recruitment coordinator jobs in canada

everything you need to know about recruitment coordinators

All companies need people they can count on to identify and recruit new talent, which is where  recruiting coordinators step in. Your role as a recruitment coordinator is critical to the success of your employer's HR department. Your primary objective is to oversee and support the hiring process for your organization. This process includes sourcing and screening candidates, arranging interviews and organizing the initial stages of hiring. Expect to work with department managers, senior leaders and other internal people who have a vested interest in the hiring process.

To find suitable candidates, you might be required to perform searches online, advertise positions in print media and on websites, write job descriptions and ads, or even cold call potential candidates. You may be required to contact references, run background checks and verify information on applicants’ resumes. You may also take part in training of new hires, internal training and other human resources related tasks.

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average recruitment coordinator salaries in canada

Those new to the role of recruiting coordinator can expect a starting annual salary in the $36,000 to $45,000 range. As you gain experience, you can work up to a salary in the $65,000+ range. There is an opportunity to increase your annual salary by taking on a more specialized role such as professional recruiter in a specific industry or field such as IT or engineering. You can also expect to have a slightly higher salary if you work in a large city where hiring happens on a larger scale.



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what recruitment coordinator jobs entail

As a part of your employer's HR department, you’ll most likely work in an office during regular daytime hours from 9am to 5pm, reporting to an HR manager or director. Occasionally, you’ll work late to deal with emergencies, meet with shift workers, or interview candidates who are unable to meet during your office hours.

You are highly organized and have a fundamental understanding of the roles your employer is hiring for. You're able to identity skills, certifications and other qualifications as necessary. You're also a people person. You're friendly, outgoing and able to connect with people during the interview and hiring process. You communicate the expectations and requirements of roles you're hiring for, and answer any questions candidates have.

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your day to day tasks

Recruitment coordinators are required to have strong human resources skills and knowledge of HR best practices. Your main role is to assist with the recruitment and hiring of employees. Your day-to-day tasks can include some or all of the following:

  • managing multiple hiring initiatives
  • working with candidates and hiring managers simultaneously
  • managing job postings, reading replies and communicating with applicants
  • sourcing candidates and identifying potential talent
  • reviewing resumes quickly and effectively
  • performing phone or in-person interviews
  • assisting with the onboarding and orientation of new hires
  • drafting and presenting offer letters to successful candidates
  • drafting employee handbooks and training materials
  • attending job fairs or recruiting events
  • creating reports on recruiting efforts
  • staying up to date with recruiting best practices

where you can work

All companies need to recruit talent to their organization. That's where you step in. Recruitment coordinators can work internally (directly within a company) or externally (with a recruiting firm). The demand for recruiting coordinators is higher in large cities and regions with a large number of corporate offices. Given that HR departments are needed in every industry and field, you'll find recruitment coordinator jobs available across Canada.

what you bring to the table

As a part of the HR department, you have strong communication and interpersonal skills. You need them to interact with job candidates, interviewees, new hires, and employees, as well has HR managers and other recruiting staff. You may also work with external recruiters and headhunting companies.

To succeed as a recruiting coordinator, you need to be a people person and possess the following skills:

  • strong interpersonal skills
  • exceptional communication skills in person, by phone and electronically
  • detail-oriented, able to focus and multi-task
  • problem solving abilities
  • sales skills
  • ability to work in high pressure, stressful situations
  • ability to prioritize effectively and meet deadlines
  • follow-up skills
  • ability to work with people at all levels within an organization
  • knowledge of human resources best practices
  • computer skills such as database management, email, social media, video chat, and CRMs

training and certifications

Most organizations require recruitment coordinators to have a college or university degree along with some level of work experience. A degree in human resource management, business, organizational psychology, or other related fields is an asset.

Knowledge of the law, particularly in terms of employment practices is recommended. Additional training, professional development and HR certifications will help you grow in your role and take the next step in your career in recruitment.

where your career is headed

If you’re adept at building relationships, a strong networker, and are interested in taking the next step in your career, you can grow into other recruiting jobs such as recruitment supervisor or recruitment manager. You can also expand into other HR roles, or migrate to other departments in your organization such as sales and marketing. Many recruitment coordinators also go on to work as recruiters with third party recruiting firms, specialize in a specific type of recruiting (i.e. IT recruitment, engineering recruitment) or  branch out on their own and work as an independent recruiter.

If you’re a recruitment coordinator looking for a position, contact Randstad today! We look forward with helping you find the right role to take the next step in your career.

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