industrial support and general labour jobs in canada

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industrial support jobs in canada
industrial support jobs in canada
general labour and industrial support jobs

what you need to know about industrial support and general labour jobs

Do you believe a strong work ethic builds strength of character? Do you think that an honest, hard day’s work is something to be proud of? Do you take pride in being a part of a workforce and industry that communities are built on? If this sounds like you, industrial support might just be the right industry for you.

Randstad can help you find your next opportunity in this field. Industrial support makes up the majority of Randstad Canada's placements. At any given time, we several thousand roles available in this sector. If you're looking for industrial support or general labour work, we can help you find your next job. 

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industrial & general labour salaries in canada

Industrial support and general labour salaries range depending on your job function and responsibilities. Most general labourers make an hourly rate ranging from around $13 per hour to the mid-$20 range.

The minimum wage in all Canadian provinces is now over $10.45 (the lowest is British Columbia, with other provinces reaching as high as $13) so most industrial support workers and general labourers can expect to make a little more than minimum wage. There are opportunities to advance into supervisory roles and increase your earning potential.

common industrial & general labour jobs in canada

Industrial support and general labour jobs are mostly found in manufacturing and warehousing, though there are some jobs to be found in retail settings as well. Some of the most common general labourer jobs that employers are trying to fill:

Many of the industrial support jobs above can also lead to supervisor roles. Other related roles include various quality control roles, inventory management, maintenance, and shipping and receiving jobs.

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where you can work

The bulk of general labourer jobs are found in manufacturing and warehousing. Occasionally, support jobs are also found in retail settings. Due to the often nature of your work, you will most likely work in a casual, industrial setting. You may wear a uniform or your own clothes. Jeans or other casual clothing is often standard.

Industry is the backbone of the Canadian economy, and employers recognize that a dedicated workforce is essential to their success. If you're a diligent, reliable worker, there are plenty of job opportunities for you in this field all across Canada. Whether you’re exploring your options or are in immediate need of a new industrial job, Randstad Canada is here to help you find a manufacturing or general labour job that fits your lifestyle.

your day to day tasks

The broad range of industrial support jobs means your work will vary depending on your job title. Some of your daily tasks you may include:

  • working as a part of an assembly line
  • reading or analyzing product schematics
  • conducting quality control inspections
  • operating heavy machinery such as a forklift
  • stocking, counting or inventorying merchandise
  • cleaning or maintaining machinery
  • assisting or supporting other staff and departments
  • fulfilling orders and packing boxes to be shipped
  • unloading or unpacking merchandise from trucks
  • overseeing production costs and supplies
  • other duties as required by your supervisor

what you bring to the table

As an industrial support worker or general labourer, you are a hardworking individual who is dedicated to accuracy. You don't mind working up a sweat and putting in a little muscle to get your job done. You're used to standing on your feet throughout the day and relying on your physicality.

You also work well in a team setting; you frequently work with others and need to be able to cooperate in order to do your job effectively.

training and certifications

Industrial support and general labourer jobs require little to no formal training. Depending on the position, some employers may ask for a high school education or equivalent.

Prior training  as a forklift operator or machine operator is seen as an asset and may help you bump up your rate of pay. Many employers will also offer training as a condition of your employment.

where your career is headed

As an industrial support worker or general labourer, your opportunities to advance include supervisory roles in manufacturing and warehousing. If you prove yourself to be a dedicated worker with strong leadership capabilities there are often opportunities to advance within your current company. Many employers prefer to hire supervisors from within, as they already understand how the business operates.

Another option is to obtain additional training or education. With an apprenticeship or post-secondary training, you can move into higher paying jobs in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. For instance, learning a skilled trade will increase your employability.

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