general labourer jobs

general labourer jobs

As a general labourer, you assist Canadian businesses on a permanent or temporary basis, performing much-needed work that may require a low level of training but a high level of common sense, dependability and a strong work ethic.

general labourer jobs

general labourer job description

Your work takes place in a shop, warehouse, dock, farm, field, or similar environment, either doing a specific job or filling in where needed.  Your efforts are often required on construction and road sites. In the course of your working day, you might keep the job site clean, load, unload and deliver materials, work with scaffolding or support other specialized contractors. On a construction site or where a road is being built or repaired, you might be required to control or direct traffic or erect barriers or traffic cones.

In accomplishing your tasks, you’re required to wear steel-toe work boots and other protective garments. Usually you report to a foreman or supervisor.


As a general labourer, your duties are varied and may include activities that assist other departments and personnel, such as cleaning, sweeping mopping, assembling, lifting, moving, and offering general assistance. Some General Labourers on farms may pick crops and assist in other agricultural tasks.

future possibilities

You may advance to supervisory positions, be trained on a wide range of equipment, and move on to other positions as you acquire training and experience.

A General Labourer position may be a good place to start in the job market or become a satisfying permanent career. Workers who are flexible, willing to work hard and are attentive to their duties are highly valued on the job site. Working as a General Labourer is a good way to try different industries and study a variety of roles on the job site to better define your interests and strengths.

required skills and training

Among the skills you need to thrive in your role are endurance and coordination. You need to be diligent, focused, communicate clearly, follow instructions and be physically fit.

Many General Labourer positions require a high school education or less. Some positions may require forklift or driving training or experience. Some companies may require experience in general labour, familiarity with industry-specific tools, experience driving a piece of equipment, or in performing a specific task. Many companies prefer workers with proper commercial drivers' licenses or other certifications.

Countless Canadian companies depend on General Labourers to meet their everyday needs. Randstad has openings for entry-level positions as well as jobs that require specific skills and experience.

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