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production jobs in canada
production jobs in canada
production worker jobs in canada

everything you need to know about production workers

Production workers serve in manufacturing and assembly plants throughout Canada and are responsible for producing, assembling, inspecting, testing, and shipping products. Your specific role will vary based on your position on the assembly line, experience and other factors.

Production worker jobs can be physically demanding, requiring you to be in good physical condition, be able to work on your feet for long periods of time in areas that require a high degree of alertness and with a focus on safety. Your specific role, work hours, and skills will vary based on the type of positon you apply for.

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production worker salaries in canada

average production worker salaries in canada

The average salary for production workers in Canada is primarily based on experience. Salaries start at around $12.50 to $16.00 per hour, depending on the type of work you are doing, where you live and your experience.

You can expect to make as much as $20 per hour with 5+ years of experience. Supervisor and production management and planning positions will also come with an increase in pay. You may also qualify for pay increases for shift premiums (usually working late or overnight hours) and for working overtime.



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production worker jobs canada

what production worker jobs entail

Production work usually involves repetitive work to complete a task involved in producing, assembling, inspecting, testing, or shipping a product. Depending on the industry, the condition of the workplace may vary, with some medical, food production, pharmaceutical, or computer facilities requiring a high level of cleanliness.

There is usually an hourly and daily production requirement to keep the work flowing to the next person or department. Production workers may use tools, machines, or instruments to complete their task, and are expected to be able to lift 50 pounds. As part of your job, production personnel usually report to a team leader or supervisor.

Expect shift work, including nights and weekends. Many roles require a 12-hour work day, and overtime is often offered to meet deadlines and quotas.

production worker jobs canada

your day to day work

Working as part of a team, production workers complete one or more tasks that are part of product creation, finishing, inspecting, or shipping. They must meet quotas and must report time and the amount of work done, as well as any problems or discrepancies, to their supervisor; more commonly, they enter their output and problems on a computer terminal. Common day-to-day tasks include:

  • assembling parts
  • performing safety checks
  • meeting hourly or shift quotas
  • filling out reports
  • troubleshooting manufacturing issues
  • checking equipment
  • loading and unloading products
  • managing different stages of the production process
  • quality control
  • maintaining a safe work environment
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where you can work

Production workers can find jobs in many different industries with manufacturing being on the top of the list. Production worker jobs are found across Canada, and the most opportunity is found in regions known traditionally for their manufacturing industries such as southern Ontario and Alberta.

what you bring to the table

Production workers need a high level of manual dexterity, and basic literacy and math skills. Because the work you do impacts others, you must be s team player and communicate well with others. The speed and accuracy of the work you do affects product cost and profitability, so your work is important to your employer. Required skills for production workers will vary based on the type of work you do, but most have a common skillset, including the following:

  • strong assessment and problem solving skills
  • physical dexterity
  • attention to detail
  • following instructions
  • a safety first attitude
  • ability to work in a team setting
  • ability to work quickly and meet deadlines

More specific skills may be required based on the type of production work you are doing. Production workers may need to have or be willing to acquire skills in blueprint reading, forklift operation, machinery operation, or quality assurance if required by the job.

training and certifications

Productions workers are usually required to have a high school diploma or equivalency, although some more technical positions may require specialized training. You may be required to pass manual dexterity and basic skills tests at the time of hire to qualify for a position. A college diploma, experience in a skilled trade, and professional certifications can also be an asset.

Some companies hire applicants with no experience but others seek those with experience, good references, and relevant training. Certain positions may require continuous training and certifications.

where your career is headed

Production workers may have the opportunity to be promoted to supervisory positions or to specialty positions in their department or within the company such as quality control or safety inspector. These roles may require additional training, certification, or have certain educational requirements.

If you are looking for a career as a production worker in Canada, Randstad can help. Contact us today to explore your career opportunities and learn more about the requirements to become a production worker.

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