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sales and marketing jobs in canada

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Do you enjoy building new business relationships? Are you passionate about helping consumers find products and services that will change their lives? Is your flare for communication sometimes embarrassing to your less extroverted colleagues? Well, then you have the perfect temperament to be a sales and marketing professional!

Get in touch with Randstad Canada today, and we'll help you find a sales or marketing job that matches your skills and your personality. We help hundreds of professionals take the next step in their career each month.

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Below are some (but not all of!) of the most common sales and marketing jobs that Randstad can help you find. Search the roles that are currently available by clicking on the fields that interest you.

average sales and marketing salaries in canada

Most entry level marketing jobs come with salaries in the mid $40,000 range or higher. This includes marketing jobs such as social media specialist, marketing specialist and marketing analyst. If you have specialized marketing skills such as SEO, SEM, analytics, CRMs, media buying, etc. your earning potential increases significantly. 

Your seniority and years of experience will also be a factor in your compensation. With more experience, you'll be able to move into higher paying marketing jobs, often with a management component. Marketing manager roles, including brand managers and media managers, can expect salaries in the mid-to-high $70,000 range.

The salaries associated with sales jobs vary depending on the industry that you're employed in and your salary structure. Sales jobs in office supplies, manufacturing and warehousing tend to pay the least, while sales jobs in the technology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries tend to pay the most.

Overall sales salaries typically range from the low $40,000 range to over $100,000 if you're highly skilled. Management and commission-based sales jobs may pay even more than these averages.

sales jobs in canada

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Below are some of the most in-demand sales jobs that employers are trying to fill. Learn more about the roles and what they entail by clicking on the ones that interest you:

ome other popular sales jobs include: account manager, business development manager, regional sales manager, branch manager, sales director, and sales executive.

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Looking to launch your career in marketing? Learn about popular marketing jobs, the qualifications you need, what they entail, average salaries and more:

Additional marketing jobs you might want to consider include: marketing assistant, brand consultant, communications manager, graphic designer, marketing analyst, merchandising manager, digital marketing specialist, search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, and search engine marketing (SEM) analyst.

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Most businesses, from startups with a handful of employees, to large multi-nationals with thousands on their payroll, require sales and marketing expertise. Sales and marketing professionals drive the demand for their company's products and services. The crucial role salespeople and marketers play in their company's success means there is always a high demand for talent.

Sales and marketing jobs are found from coast to coast in Canada. No matter where in Canada you live, there are plenty of opportunities for you to choose from. Sales and marketing jobs exist in a wide variety of verticals such as retail, finance, transportation, software & technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial, telecommunications, and many others.

day to day sales tasks

Sales jobs require strong people skills and a natural sales ability. To be a great salesperson you must be able to communicate effortlessly with clients and customers.

You'll be interfacing with customers on a daily basis, so you need to know how to keep a conversation flowing and ensure that your clients are as ease. Throughout your workday some duties you may perform include:

  • interfacing or negotiating with clients
  • prospecting for new clients in your territory
  • closing sales and meeting financial and sales targets
  • upselling or cross selling to clients and customers
  • implementing best practices and selling strategies
  • conducting interviews and research about customer satisfaction
  • recruiting and training new sales talent for your team

day to day marketing tasks

Marketing jobs cover a diverse range of specialties. Some marketing jobs will require analytical skills, while others are more heavily dependent on your creativity. Depending on your job title, tasks throughout your workday may include things such as:

  • analyzing the market and finding areas of opportunity
  • planning or coordinating trade shows and other events
  • overseeing the success of your marketing program
  • planning or coordinating marketing campaigns
  • coordinating the delivery of marketing pieces or campaigns
  • creating proposals for marketing strategies and initiatives
  • strategizing how to roll out new products or services
  • managing your employer's website and online presence
  • writing and sharing posts on branded social media pages
  • engaging with followers & handling complaints on social media
  • monitoring competitors and reporting on the results
  • creating reports and keeping the marketing team up to date
  • analyzing, planning or setting marketing budgets

what you bring to the table

Sales and marketing jobs require you to have a deep understanding of people. In order to effectively sell your company's products or services, you must understand how your clients think and what drives them.

To be successful in any sales and marketing job, you should have some or all of these key skills:

  • you enjoy collaborating on projects
  • you know your company's products inside out
  • you have an eye for effective designs and layouts
  • exceptional time management skills
  • an ability to prioritize key tasks and work efficiently
  • you're able to analyze data and campaigns and spot patterns
  • you have strong writing, editing and communication skills
  • you excel at planning and managing both people and campaigns
  • you're well versed in technology and software such as graphics programs, spreadsheets and other industry software

training and certifications

Most marketing jobs require a post-secondary degree or diploma in marketing, business, communications or a related field. A Master's degree may help set your application apart from others in select fields.

Sales jobs, on the other hand, will vary in the experience they ask for. Though it's possible to find sales jobs that require high school or equivalent education, many companies prefer to hire sales reps who have a post-secondary education. If you have a natural sales ability and some on-the-job experience, you may be able to bypass these requirements however.

You can expand on your skills and increase your marketability by obtaining specialized certifications or taking courses in project management, marketing, sales, and other related fields.

where your career is headed

Opportunities to advance your career are abundant in the sales and marketing department. Many managers and executives start their careers in sales and marketing, as this field helps hone several skills that you will need in a leadership position, such as strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to think strategically.

Once you gain experience, some of the senior roles that you may consider include: project management, sales manager, marketing manager, or even executive roles such as marketing director, VP of marketing, or CMO.

Sales and marketing skills are also highly transferable, so you could consider a move to a related field such as communications and PR. You may also consider working as a freelancer or a consultant, if your specific expertise lends itself to that model.

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