sales representative jobs

sales representative jobs

Marketing professionals plan and execute strategies that focus on promoting company goods and services to new and existing customers. Many job titles fall under the broad umbrella of Marketing, and the opportunities for talented professionals abound in Canada's thriving business economy.

sales representative jobs

sales representative job description

Work realities:
Sales Managers are expected to be able to perform all the duties of a sales representative while also leading a team. Because of their mid-level roles, they should anticipate being required to supervise those under their commands. This can lead to a higher level of stress due to the responsibility. Yet it can also be exhilarating for the Sales Manager job candidate who wishes to move to the next level in terms of a career path.

Sales Manager jobs pay more than their sales representative counterparts due to the managerial responsibilities they hold. Still, there is no baseline for income, as Sales Managers in one field, such as healthcare, may have far different median salaries than those in another field, such as IT.

Reporting to:
Sales Manager jobs typically report to C-level executives, such as the VP of Sales and Marketing, or the CEO.

Sales Managers will be required to prospect for clients (sometimes in a specific territory), contact those clients, achieve financial targets, close clients, upsell and cross-sell clients (as necessary), and implement new best practices strategies in terms of selling. In addition to their business development duties, they will likely have to recruit new hires for their sales team. This can involve screening job information, conducting interviews, negotiating salaries with preferred candidates, training new hires and assessing new hires’ progress. All responsibilities of Sales Managers involve the use of problem solving skills and customer service abilities.

Future possibilities:
Every sized company needs sales representatives, and those with a sales team need a Sales Manager at the helm. There is no expectation that Sales Manager jobs will wane any time in the near future.

required skills and training

Though some Sales Manager job positions only require a high school degree (or equivalent), as well as a certain amount of experience, there are also many that prefer to hire Sales Managers with university degrees. This is very dependent upon the field in which the Sales Manager will be working.

Most Sales Managers need to have 1-2 years at the least of sales experience before they are considered ready for a supervisory position. Additionally, they must show a proven record of their customer service, business development, recruitment and organization skills acumen.

Skills and Certifications:
Sales Managers must continuously stay at the top of their game to not only perform their duties as expected, but to also inspire those around them. Therefore, it is common for Sales Manager job candidates to include on their resumes courses they have taken in the areas of sales, marketing, communications, public speaking, management and technology.

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