CNC machinist jobs

cnc machinist jobs

CNC Machinists use sophisticated computer-controlled equipment to process metal parts for industries that demand precision components, such as aerospace, medical equipment, automotive, and research and development. Demand in Canada is tied to industrial growth; job openings may be limited when the manufacturing sector is flat, but long term employment prospects for well-trained, experienced CNC operators are great.

cnc machinist jobs

cnc machinist job description

Work realities:
A CNC Machinist works in a shop atmosphere, where he often spends his shift standing. Steel-toed boots, safety glasses, earplugs, and other safety gear are mandatory. The job is repetitive, but can be challenging. Many machine shops employ two to three workers, although there are some larger shops.

Like any machine operator, a CNC Machinist determines the operations to perform by studying the job order and blueprints. The operator prepares metal parts for machining, and sets numerical codes on the machine to control speed, feed, toolpath, and other variables before guiding the parts through the machine. He also ascertains that the parts meet specified tolerances.

Future possibilities:
With experience and apprenticeship training, CNC Machinists can become tool and die makers, CNC programmers, or supervisors. With college, some CNC Machinists might aspire to be engineers.

CNC machines are set to produce large quantities of parts to blueprint specification, but the CNC Machinist determines that the parts meet customer requirements and works with engineers to solve problems.

required skills and training

While some companies will hire machinists with less than a high school diploma, others prefer at least a vocational diploma with specialization in numeral control machines or some college, along with courses in machining.

Many companies offer on-the-job training, but more advanced positions require experience.

Skills and Certifications:
CNC Machinists should be able to read blueprints and be familiar with machinery commonly found in a tool room. Certification as a CNC Machinist is desirable.

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