production supervisor jobs

production supervisor jobs

If you’re a Production Supervisor, you oversee operations in industrial or manufacturing settings. You might be responsible for an entire plant or a specific division. You’re ultimately responsible for ensuring that materials and supplies are well stocked, equipment is safe and kept in good repair, and that operations are proceeding timely and safely.

A large manufacturing plant has several Production Supervisors, in charge of production, shipping, receiving and on-time execution. In this case, your role is defined by the area you’re responsible for, such as Assembly Line Supervisor, or Shipping Supervisor. If you work in a small plant, you might be responsible for the whole manufacturing process, from obtaining materials and budgeting to shipping the final product. You might also manage HR and administrative functions, including payroll, hiring, training and budgeting.

production supervisor jobs

production supervisor job description

As a Production Supervisor, you plan, monitor process steps and appraise results, initiate, coordinate and enforce systems, policies and procedures. It’s your responsibility to maintain quality of service and ensure equipment is maintained and repaired. It falls on you to establish good working relationships with the teams you’re responsible for. These relationships impact productivity in a positive way. You’re the go-to person for problems, concerns or suggestions; it’s your job to escalate issues you can’t resolve appropriately. As Production Supervisor, you deal with union representatives and ensure your organization is compliant with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

future possibilities

Production Supervisors can advance through the company as their tenure and experience with the organization increases. With a college degree, leadership skills and ongoing training Production Supervisors can become Plant Managers or VPs of manufacturing. Others use their experience to become highly regarded Consultants.

required skills

To excel as a Production Supervisor, you need:

  • excellent communication skills
  • management skills
  • strong math skills that contribute to effective budgeting
  • ability to think strategically
  • good time management and planning capabilities


You need a high school diploma in order to be considered for a Production Supervisor role, but post-secondary education in business administration, industrial technology or management are preferred by most employers. Continuing education and training in management, communication and computer skills, and affiliation with associations and certificate programs that keep you at the forefront of your industry will keep your skills sharp and position you to advance.

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