IT recruiter jobs

IT recruiter jobs

IT Recruiters locate the seasoned Information Technology professionals who make modern companies run. As Canadian government and businesses increase their investment in IT resources, job opportunities in the recruiting field are booming.

IT recruiter jobs

IT recruiter job description

Work realities:
IT Recruiters place competent professionals within businesses and organizations of all types, in roles such as programmers, network specialists, consultants, systems analysts, information security analysts, and management information systems (MIS) analysts. After gaining a clear understanding of the needs of the employer, IT Recruiters connect the company with candidates who have the right skills and background. As with many recruiting jobs, an IT Recruiter may work virtually or be based in an office and may work around the schedule of candidates and potential employers.

IT Recruiters educate themselves on the requirements of the many types of IT jobs and, not surprisingly, often use online resources to reach out to candidates and employers. Skype interviews and online chats may supplement traditional Human Resources techniques of in-person interviews and phone calls.

Future possibilities:
IT Recruiters employed by staffing agencies or companies may move up to management or supervisory positions or be hired by one of their employer-clients.

IT Recruiter positions are challenging positions that require excellent communications, internet, and research skills. Though most IT Recruiters are not trained as computer professionals, they are savvy enough to learn the lingo, as well as the issues in the field, to make them effective liaisons between clients and candidates.

required skills and training

IT Recruiters are college graduates with degrees in human resources, business, or psychology. After working in more general Human Resource jobs, they specialise in IT placements.

For placing high-level candidates, several years of experience is usually necessary to effectively hire appropriate candidates that can do specifically what the client needs.

Skills and Certifications:
IT Recruiters should acquire Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) credentials to prosper in the field.

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