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java devloper jobs in canada
java developer jobs in canada
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As a java developer, you code programs, software and applications for companies in a wide variety of industries. Java programming language is an industry standard and incredibly in demand, so with the right experience and certifications, you should have no problem finding a java developer job anywhere in Canada.

To be a java developer, you must be a problem-solver who enjoys working with a diverse variety of coding languages and programs. It's a given that you're tech-savvy. In fact, you're so tech-savvy, your friends' eyes glaze over when you talk about the complexities of your work.

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Like most tech jobs, java developer jobs pay very well. In most markets, java developers can expect a starting salary of around $65,000 or more. With a handful of years of experience and knowledge of key systems, applications and coding languages, java developer salaries can climb into the six-figure range.

Java developers are in high demand throughout Canada, particularly in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. The one notable exception is in Montreal. Like most tech jobs, java developer salaries are lower than the national average.



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what java developer jobs entail

As a java developer, you will typically work full-time in an office setting. You will most likely report to someone within your company's IT department such as an IT project manager or director.

You are typically employed directly by the company whose software and applications you are working on, though occasionally you may work for an agency or consulting company that provides their services to other organizations. With the right skills and experience, You may even be able to branch out on your own and freelance with companies picking and choosing java developer jobs that interest you.

Generally, your working environment is fairly casual. Though you work in an office setting, the atmosphere is laid-back and low-stress. But don't think this means your work isn’t critical to your company’s success. Organizations need tech professionals, like you, who are fluent in Java to create software, applications, and develop their online presence, all of which play a crucial role to their bottom line.

your day to day tasks

As a java developer, you’re knee-deep in software all the time! In the course of your workday, you might:

  • develop applications and software for internal or external clients
  • test and debug software as needed
  • analyze business software and systems
  • work on mainframe projects
  • provide quality assurance
  • test programs and deliver regular reports for colleagues and clients
  • advance your coding skills and become familiar with systems and technologies that will serve your company

An ability to problem solve is also a key component of being a java developer. You should be able to quickly analyze, diagnose and correct issues with software. This invaluable skill will serve you well and increase your earning potential.

where you can work

Java developer jobs are found in many different verticals, including information technology, banking and finance, manufacturing, government, healthcare and business. To secure top calibre java developers with the depth of skills they're looking for, companies are willing to offer highly competitive rates.

The strongest demand for java developers is in major city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Companies in these areas will offer fiercely competitive java developer salaries in order to secure the best and most qualified talent. In order to leverage your experience as a java developer, you may want to consider a move to one of these competitive markets.

what you bring to the table

The more experience you have, the more in-demand you’ll be. While entry-level java developer jobs may be lower-paying, they will offer you an opportunity to build upon your skills and gain on-the-job experience. Experience is key to ascending the corporate ladder and increasing your earning potential. Experience with the following will help you land a well-paying java developer job:

  • Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Java Beans and Servlets
  • database management through SQL and Oracle
  • web frameworks like spring, struts, hibernate
  • markup languages including JSON and XML
  • web based languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery
  • protocols like IP, HTTP, TCP, FTP, UDP
  • understanding of design patterns
  • working knowledge of Linux

This list is by no means inclusive. There are plenty of other programs, languages and services frequently used by developers that may help you land a prime java developer job. The field is constantly evolving and it's up to you to stay on top of trends and prove your value to employers.

training and certifications

Most java developer jobs require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or a related field. It’s rare to find a java developer job that does not require a formal degree from an accredited university or college, though coding experience may suffice in some cases. Most java developer jobs will require prior experience with key programs, languages and software, and you may be tested prior to starting in a new position.

You can also obtain numerous certifications that will set your application apart when applying for java developer jobs. Some popular certifications are available through Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Puppet Labs, Red Hat, Salesforce and Scrum, among others. Any certifications that demonstrate your expertise in coding languages are worth considering and may bump up your earning potential.

where your career is headed

As a java developer, many opportunities for advancement and promotions exist, although your career trajectory depends in large part on you. Remaining up to date on your certifications and staying current with industry trends will ensure you stay busy as a java developer and enjoy consistent pay raises.

Java developers are most in demand in city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, so these areas will provide you with the most opportunities to advance your career. Though you will have no problem making a living working in a smaller market, it may be necessary to relocate to a bigger market to increase your salary or advance your career beyond a certain point.

Developing your skills beyond coding to include all the stages of the project life cycle and multiple technologies will allow you to command a salary well into the six figures.

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