java developer jobs

java developer jobs

If you’re a Java Developer, you write applications and websites for a wide variety of organizations and industries. The computer language of Java is highly popular, so you’re regularly employed, performing a wide variety of functions. Generally, your working environment for this type is laid-back and low-stress. But just because the atmosphere is calm doesn’t mean your work isn’t critical to a company’s success. Many organizations need tech professionals fluent in Java for them to hit their expected profit margins and perform at top levels.

Like other IT-related positions, Java Developer jobs pay very well. A mid-level Java Developer can expect to earn just under six figures. One with more experience may well exceed an annual salary of $100,000.

java developer jobs

java developer job description

You’re knee-deep in software all the time! In the course of your workday, you might

develop software for internal or external clientele, test software as needed, manage projects, analyze business software and systems, work on mainframe projects, provide quality assurance, test programs and deliver regular reports for colleagues and clients. Your role is found in many different verticals, including IT, banking/finance, manufacturing, government, healthcare and business. Usually, you report to someone within a company’s IT department.

future possibilities

You’re in a role where many opportunities for advancement and promotions exist, although your advancement depends in large part to the market you’re employed in. that means that if you’re a Java Developer living and working in a smaller market, it may be necessary for you to relocate to a bigger market to increase your wages or advance your career. Regardless of your market, you should develop your skills beyond coding to include all the stages of project life cycle and multiple technologies.

required skills and training

Most Java Developer jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer science/IT related field. It’s rare to find a Java Developer job that does require a formal degree from an accredited university or training center.

In terms of experience, the more you have, the more in-demand you’ll be. While first-time Java Developer jobs may be lower-paying, the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder (or at least earn promotions on a regular basis) is excellent.

Most Java Developer jobs require specialized certifications of applicants, like: Java/J2EE technologies, Java Beans, JDBC, XML, Javascript XSLT, HTML, CSS, Eclipse 3.0, JBuilder, CORBA, UDDI, WSDL, SOAP, JAX-WS WebServices, JAX-RS RESTful WebServices, ORB Frameworks and SDLC.

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