project coordinator jobs

project coordinator jobs

Whenever there’s a project that has to be managed, a Project Coordinator comes in quite handy. That’s one of the reasons that Project Coordinator jobs are unlikely to ever disappear. These types of professionals are simply too valuable!

project coordinator jobs

project coordinator job description

In the course of your workday, you might:

  • manage teams across groups or departments in the execution of a project 
  • manage scheduling and communication between team members
  • coordinate materials and resources if necessary
  • produce reports, updates and project documentation

required skills

To succeed as a Project Coordinator, you need:

  • strong technology skills
  • strong organizational and time-management skills
  • strong interpersonal, communication and planning skills along with critical thinking and good decision making abilities
  • the ability to collaborate, prioritize and time manage

future possibilities

More complex projects require a Project Coordinator to be successfully completed.

Those who perform Project Coordinator jobs well can expect to earn more money over time. Many Project Coordinators with proven track records choose to eventually offer their services on a fee or hourly basis as consultants.


Most IT Project Coordinators have a background in computer science or have IT certifications, combined with business courses. The required academic background for a Project Coordinator may vary depending on the industry in which she or he works. Proven experience of successful project completion and people management is invaluable. Some colleges offer Project Coordinator credits and certifications that will set you apart when seeking employment. Advancement into project management is possible with PMP certification or an MBA.

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