quality assurance (QA) jobs - mid level

quality assurance (QA) jobs - mid level

You’re a professional who likes to take charge of a project and make sure it runs smoothly from start to finish. Your role as a QA professional is needed by employers in a variety of industries and organizations, in both private and public sectors.

You may report to a variety of personnel members depending upon the vertical in which you work. For instance, a QA job in a bank or financial institution may require the QA person to report to a vice president. Or a QA employee within an engineering firm may report to a mid-level manager or even the CEO. As an experienced QA specialist, you could become a Team Lead and report to a C-level manager, such as a COO or CEO. Quality Assurance salaries vary, but increase with experience. 

mid level QA jobs

QA mid level job description

Your day-to-day duties and responsibilities can vary. That said, you need to have exceptional computer skills and be comfortable with database management. Your skill requirements may also vary, depending on the industry that employs you.  Other duties may include:

  • perform various tests, observe results
  • ensure all product standards and expectations are met
  • maintain safety and effectiveness of product, compliance and regulatory guidelines


required skills

To succeed as a Quality Assurance professional, you need to be logical, detail-oriented, be able to work in a team and have strong technical and communication skills.


future possibilities

Because they seek to reduce risk and increase profitability, regardless of the economy, organizations continue to need your skills as a QA professional. The more experience you bring to the workplace, the higher your salary and responsibilities will be.



Many QA professionals have an undergraduate degree in fields like life sciences, engineering or computer science. A business-related degree or certificate is an advantage, especially certified Lead Auditor. QA jobs may require additional skills or certifications of employees. Some of these could include further training in ERP, industry regulations, SQL, HTML, Microsoft and ISO levels, among others.


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