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SAP is an acronym for Systems Applications and Products in data processing. It's a popular brand of software that many companies use to manage key business functions. SAP is widely recognized as the global leader in this type of enterprise software, and as such, experts who know how to optimize companies' use of SAP software are in demand.

With the prolific use of SAP software, your role as a SAP consultant is an important one. You may work with several levels of management, particularly at larger companies.

In your role, you facilitate the operations of a computer and network system via SAP software. You need to be comfortable working at a desk for long periods. In today’s mobile era, you should also have a first-hand understanding of popular operating systems. You should also be open to traveling, particularly if you work as a freelance SAP consultant.

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average SAP consultant salaries in canada

SAP consultant salaries cover a wide range and are dependent upon your expertise and credentials.

Most SAP consultants will find they can start out making around $55,000 annually. However, those with more experience who are working for government entities or on highly secure projects have been known to make upwards of $150,000. A good baseline expectation for a SAP consultant with a few years of experience is around $70,000 plus benefits.



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what SAP consultant jobs entail

Often SAP consultants work for consulting firms that provide their services to many different companies. Alternately, some SAP consultants choose to hold in-house positions at large companies, in which case they will most likely report to top level management in the IT department, or executives like COOs or CEOs.

Another option for experienced SAP consultants is to work as a freelance consultant or start your own consulting service. This offers you the freedom and flexibility to work for different companies as projects requiring your expertise arise. However, this option also requires more flexibility on your part, as you many need to travel to meet the needs of your client companies.

your day to day tasks

In the course of your day, you work with your employer or clients to determine their needs and help them maximize their use of SAP software.

Most frequently, you will help businesses analyze their use SAP software for:

  • business design solutions
  • business implementation ideas
  • accounting management
  • inventory forecasting
  • cash flow analysis
  • supply chain management

where you can work

SAP software is used by businesses in many different industries. It allows corporations to manage the many complexities that comprise a large enterprise. SAP software helps business keep track of and manage raw materials, inventory, production, marketing and sales, among other things, on a single system.

It is widely used in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, engineering, mining, retail, healthcare, media, and technology, among many other industries. As you can imagine, this means there are plenty of opportunities for skilled SAP consultants. With some experience and drive, the sky is the limit. You should have no problem finding a SAP consultant job that requires your unique insights.

what you bring to the table

To succeed as a SAP consultant, above and beyond any other qualifications, you must be an expert in SAP software. Having a deep understanding of the platform, it's functions and how businesses can optimize their use of it is essential. On the job experience with SAP software is usually a given. You can also complete training and obtain certifications to demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.

Other important skills that will help ensure your success:

  • computer and tech savvy
  • an ability to think critically
  • problem-solving skills
  • excellent communication skills

training and certifications

SAP consultants are typically expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in a tech field or mathematics. In order to use the title of SAP Consultant, you should also have on-the-job experience with SAP systems. Many consulting firms and corporations have been known to give preference to SAP consultants with backgrounds in human resources, management, client services, IT, and project management.

There are also many SAP certification courses available to further expand on your credentials. Certifications such as SAP Associate and SAP Professional can give your resume an extra boost when seeking out a SAP consultant job. In addition, some SAP consultants choose to add niche certifications to their core SAP credentials. Courses in SAP Composition Environment, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, SAP Project Systems and SAP Service Management will help you stand out when seeking new employment.

where your career is headed

Reports from 2010 indicated that SAP consultants held almost 10 percent of the world’s IT jobs, and that figure isn't going down. As the mobility of workers grows, so will the need to protect the safety and accuracy of organizations’ SAP programs. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the need to fill SAP consultant jobs will wane any time in the foreseeable future.

As a SAP consultant, you can opt to move into management and executive IT roles when you're ready to take on more responsibility. Alternatively, you may find becoming a freelance consultant, or starting your own firm are other options to increase your earning potential.

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