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senior project manager jobs in canada
project manager jobs in canada
senior project manager jobs

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As a senior project manager, you're responsible for organizing and managing people and tasks in order to complete time and budget sensitive projects. Your job as a project manager is to plan what work needs to be done, analyze the risks involved, and ensure it is completed on time and on budget by assigning the appropriate resources.

To become a senior project manager, you’ve already proven your worth with a track record of accomplishments in the areas of analytics, documentation and human resources management. You've taken on greater responsibility and are likely managing more complex projects. The people you report may vary from middle management to top level execs like the CEO, CFO or COO of your company.

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project manager salaries in canada

average project manager salaries in canada

Becoming a project manager typically requires several years of supervisory and management experience, leading to annual salaries well above the national average (in 2014, the average Canadian worker took home approximately $49,000 annually.)

As a project manager, you can expect a starting salary of approximately $85,000, depending on the area you are located in. Senior project managers with 5+ years of experience in their role can expect to make a six-figure salary.

Project manager salaries in Montreal are lower than the national average, but otherwise, project manager salaries are quite consistent across Canada.



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what project manager jobs entail

You will likely work full-time hours in an office setting at a desk or workstation. Though a typical work schedule will consist of a 40-hour work week, when you're working on time-sensitive projects with tight deadlines, you may be required to work as many as 60 hours per week. Depending on the organizational set up of your employer, you may report to a department director or VP, or senior execs like the COO, CEO or president.

Project managers are also often hired as contractors to consult on and oversee specific projects that require additional management or expertise. You may be required to travel to accommodate the requirements of the projects you're working on.

your day to day tasks

As a project manager, you will likely have several coworkers who report to you. Your primary responsibility is to manage your direct reports and ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

A typical day as project manager will include tasks such as:

  • managing teams across various departments
  • coordinating the execution of projects
  • providing direction to your team and keeping them motivated
  • managing scheduling and communication between team members
  • tracking the progress of ongoing projects
  • creating reports, updates and project documentation
  • managing materials and resources
  • maintaining financial records and budgets
  • negotiating with vendors and other partners

where you can work

Whenever there are people and resources that need to be managed, you have the expertise to get things done. As a project manager, you should find a wealth of opportunities in just about every industry under the sun. Some industries you may consider working in include finance, healthcare, insurance, government, technology and many others.

Another option, once you have a few years of project management experience under your belt, is to become a project management consultant. Becoming a consultant allows you the freedom to pick and choose projects that interest you. However, choosing this path means giving up the certainty of a regular 9 to 5, and could require you to travel to meet the needs of your clients.

what you bring to the table

Project managers are often hired from within the organization they work, based on their prior contributions to the company. As a result, to become a project manager, you will often need several years of experience in a closely related role. In particular, prior experience as a supervisor or manager will set you apart from other candidates and make you a prime candidate for project manager jobs.

Some universal skills required in most project manager jobs include:

  • an ability to see the ‘big picture’ and work toward it
  • an ability to assign tasks effectively and motivate a team
  • you've extremely tech-savvy and work well with technology
  • strong organizational and time-management skills
  • strong interpersonal, communication and planning skills
  • you think critically and make sound decisions
  • an ability to collaborate and prioritize

training and certifications

Most project manager jobs will require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in business or a similar field. If you're working as a project manager in a specialized field such as IT or finance, a more specialized degree or additional certifications in your field may be required.

To obtain senior project manager jobs, you may even be required to have an MBA or PMP. For these types of senior project manager jobs, you will also likely be required to have several years of experience in a related project management role. Some prestigious senior project management roles may require as many as 5 years of experience and a track record of proven success.

where your career is headed

As you prove yourself and demonstrate that you are an effective team leader who has managed projects that contribute to your company's success, you can work toward higher level management roles including executive roles such as director, VP, and various C-suite positions.

A third option that many senior project managers choose to take advantage of, is to become a freelance consultant. With an impressive resume and track record, you should have no problem lining up jobs as a consultant specialized in project management. Companies will call upon your expertise when launching new projects that can't be handled by their in-house management teams.

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