senior project manager jobs

project manager jobs

As a Project Manager, you manage organize and manage people and tasks in order to complete a specific project that is time and budget sensitive.  Your job involves planning what work needs to be done, risks involved, when it needs to be completed and assigning resources to it.

If you’re a Senior Project Manager, you’ve proven your worth with a track record of accomplishments in the areas of analytics, documentation and human resources management. Now you have greater responsibility and are likely managing more complex projects. The people you report to vary and could include middle managers or the CEO, CFO or COO of a company.

senior project manager jobs

project manager job description

In the course of your workday, you might:

  • manage teams across groups or departments in the execution of a project 
  • manage scheduling and communication between team members
  • track progress
  • coordinate materials and resources if necessary
  • produce reports, updates and project documentation

Your duties vary but they might include:

  • detailed planning
  • motivating a team
  • handling financial responsibilities and budgets which could include negotiating with vendors and partners

required skills

To succeed as a Project Manager, you need:

  • the ability to see the ‘big picture’
  • the ability to assign tasks effectively and motivate a team
  • strong technology skills
  • strong organizational and time-management skills
  • strong interpersonal, communication and planning skills along with critical thinking and good decision making abilities
  • the ability to collaborate, prioritize and time manage

The skills required of a Senior Project Manager are similar to those at the PM level, along with exceptional analytical and communication skills. It often falls to you to pull teams together from across departments, levels and lines of business, or even from external sources. That means you need to maintain expansive personal networks; being involved in a variety of professional organizations can help.

Senior Project Managers should have familiarity with budgeting, spreadsheets, project management, process management, performance management, recruiting, hiring, coaching and supervision.

future possibilities

Often, Project Managers are promoted from within an organization based on their successful completion of past initiatives and their ability to motivate and work with teams from across the organization if necessary.

As they prove themselves to be proficient in the basic skill sets needed, Senior Project Managers can move up the ranks within a corporation. Alternatively, they can move to new companies laterally or as promotions.

The pay rates for Senior Project Managers can vary depending upon the industry. Some Senior Project Managers choose to work as consultants, in which case their pay will vary on a per project basis.


IT Project Managers require a degree in computer science or have IT certifications, combined with business courses. The required academic background for a Project Coordinator may vary depending on the industry in which she or he works. Proven experience of successful project completion and people management is invaluable. Successful Project Managers have PMP certification or an MBA.

Senior Project Managers are usually required to have an undergraduate degree and many employers are asking for graduate degrees like MBAs.  Depending on the industry, additional degrees or credentials in finance or IT could be necessary.

In terms of experience, Senior Project Managers are expected to have years of project management experience. It’s not unusual for Senior Project Manager jobs to require 5-10 years of documented success.

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