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As a UI (User Interface) developer, you understand coding languages and are able to balance your technical skills with your knowledge of design and layouts. You know how to use your coding knowledge to create user interfaces that are welcoming and easy to navigate.

Your programming skill, combined with your creativity and design-oriented mind allow you to transform computer code into language and graphics that are easily read and absorbed.

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average UI developer salaries in canada

The average starting salary for UI developer jobs is around $65,000 and climbs with your years of experience. You bring both technical knowledge and design expertise to your company, making you an invaluable part of any development team. With 5+ years of experience, an average UI developer can expect to see their salary rise into the high 5-figures.

UI developer salaries are consistent across Canada, with plenty of opportunities to be found across Canada at start-ups and multi-nationals alike.



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what UI developer jobs entail

You work in an office setting, at a desk or workstation. You most likely work full-time, but sometimes deadlines call for overtime. Generally, you report to an IT department supervisor or manager.

As a UI developer, your job is to ensure users are able to easily engage with the systems, products, and pages you work on. You understand the best way to design and place features, so users will get the most out of them, and have the coding background to bring designs and wireframes to life.

your day to day tasks

As a UI Developer, you understand and are able to write code using HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Javascript, C++, Python and other key programming languages.

You also have a deep understanding of how people engage with the programs and software that you work on. You also understand how page routing and paths operate. You’re really good at understanding human behavior – this helps you define and create a system that users will be comfortable with.

In the course of your workday, you may:

  • create user interaction models
  • develop workflows and information architecture
  • write code for programs, apps or web pages, depending on the type of company you work for
  • analyze the design and functionality of programs, apps or web pages
  • set guidelines for user interfaces
  • develop design concepts and wireframes
  • provide consultation on user interfaces and workflows
  • collaborate with other developers and designers to create optimal solutions

where you can work

Although the specifications of your job may change, as a UI developer, you continue to be in great demand. With consumers clamoring for technologically advanced but easy-to-use devices and businesses vying to produce user-friendly digital properties that optimize leads, skilled UI developers are critical to satisfying demand.

Your skills as a UI developer will prove invaluable at a wide range of tech and software companies across Canada. Demand and salaries are consistently high across most Canadian markets, reflecting the value you offer employers.

what you bring to the table

UI Developers often have a background in functional composition of web pages using HTML and CSS, and are able to transform a wireframe design into a well-formatted, user-friendly webpage.

Programming experience, the ability to write complex scripts, and work with industry standard browsers is also a plus, along with knowledge of grids, typography, hierarchy and information flows. Knowledge of design software, such as Photoshop, is often seen as a plus.

To find success as a UI developer, you must:

  • be highly detail oriented
  • understand coding languages (HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Python, etc.)
  • recognize patterns in user behaviour
  • understand layout and design principles
  • communicate your ideas effectively

training and certifications

Most employers require an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a related field, but sometimes experience and appropriate certifications are regarded as equal to a degree.

There are a number of Microsoft and Adobe certifications that can help you move into higher-level roles and increase your salary. There are also a number of certifications you can obtain to prove your expertise in coding languages that will prove useful.

where your career is headed

Although specifications may change, UI Developers continue to be in great demand. A large portion of our time is spent on devices and surfing the web. Both of these things require the expertise of UI developers to function smoothly.

In order to advance your career, it’s important that you keep your skills sharp and stay on top of changes with coding and design functions. Experience, combined with continuous learning, will position you to grow into management roles in IT, like IT project manager, information architect, system administrator and usability expert.

latest UI developer jobs available

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