user interface (UI) developer

user interface (UI) developer

As a UI (User Interface) Developer, you understand the language of computer code. Your skill and creativity allows you to turn computer code into language, visuals and graphics that can be easily understood by the user. Your job is to reduce user friction with the interface by determining flow patterns, how a program might be used and how best to design and place features to accommodate a user-friendly interface.

You work in an office setting, at a desk or workstation, and for a variety of industries. Your workweek is full time but sometimes deadlines call for overtime. Generally, you report to an IT department supervisor or manager.

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UI developer job description

You’re the person who develops the front end of programs and apps to ensure they’re easy and intuitive for users to operate.

In the course of your workday, you may:

  • create a user interaction model, workflow, information architecture, prototypes and guidelines for user interfaces
  • develop design concepts and userface designs

future possibilities

Although specifications may change, UI Developers should continue to be in great demand. With people clamoring for savvy but easy-to-use devices such as the iPhone and other touch-screen devices, UI Developer skills will be critical to satisfy customer demands.

Experience, combined with continuous learning, will position you to grow into management roles in IT, like Technical Project Manager, Information Architect, System Administrator and Usability Expert. It’s important that you keep your skills sharp by staying on top of changes with coding such as HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design functions. Staying sharp also means following front-end blogs and updates, and learning how to work directly with development code. Good UI Developers also spend time creating and refining a well-designed process methodology.

required skills

As a UI Developer, you understand and / or write JavaScript, AJAX, JSP and other coding, as well as back-end languages such as Java. You must also understand how page routing and paths operate. You’re really good at understanding human behavior – this helps you define and create a system that users will be comfortable with.


Experience will vary by job description, but in addition to solid computer and development experience, UI Developers must have a background in functional composition of web pages using HTML / CSS, and turning a wireframe design into a well-formatted, user-friendly web page. Programming experience, the ability to write complex scripts, and work with browsers is also a plus along with knowledge of grids, typography, hierarchy and information flows.

Most employers require an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, but sometimes enough of the right experience, along with appropriate certifications, is regarded as equal to a degree. There are a number of Microsoft and Adobe certifications that can help you move into higher-level roles and increase your salary. Certifications requirements can vary by employer and job path.

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