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web developer jobs in canada
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everything you need to know about becoming a web developer

As a web developer, you create and maintain websites or other web-based solutions. You often take on responsibilities associated with both programmers and designers.

You're involved in conceiving, designing and wireframing web solutions, but you also know how to code and maintain them. You frequently work on solutions that will appear on a variety of devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Your employer counts on your expertise to stay cutting-edge and one step ahead of website and digital trends.

It goes without saying that you're tech-savvy. You're an expert in everything digital media, and probably know a handful of popular web-based programming languages such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and JQuery.

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the difference between web developers and web programmers

The job titles of web developer and web programmer are sometimes used interchangeably. So what's the difference, and which role is a better fit for you? The truth is the two roles are very similar. Both web programmers and web developers are involved in creating, coding and testing web-based solutions and applications for both desktops and mobile devices.

Web programmers are primarily responsible for writing, markup and coding aspects of web solutions. This includes coding and formatting content, server scripting, and network security. To be a web programmer you will need to know common web development languages and frameworks such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, JQuery, Python, Perl, ASP, .Net and Apache.

As a web developer, you may take on the above coding responsibilities, but you're also more involved in the ideation, design, and wireframing. In contrast, web programmers often work closely with web designers to develop complete web solutions.

software developer salaries in canada

average web developer salaries in canada

Like many skilled tech jobs that require programming expertise, the market for web developers is hot. As a web developer, you should be able to make a starting salary of over $65,000 in most Canadian cities.

As is the case with many tech jobs, the market for web developers in Montreal is softer than the rest of the country. Starting salaries for web developers in Montreal begin in the mid to high $50,000s, making the compensation lower than the national average.

Once you have a solid portfolio of work, you may also consider working as a web development freelancer or consultant, which can increase your earning potential.



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what software developer jobs entail

The work life for web developers varies greatly from workplace to workplace. You may work either part-time or full-time. You may opt to work for a single employer, or at a digital marketing or web development agency where you will work with multiple clients. Some web developers also choose to work as freelancers and set their own work schedule and pace.

Due to the digital nature of your work, it's often possible for you to telecommute. If you do work in an office, you will work at a computer or workstation.

Depending on the size and structure of the company you work at, you may report to a manager in the marketing or IT department, or to company execs, including the C-suite. You will most likely be required to collaborate with various colleagues in the marketing, sales and IT departments of your company to meet sales, branding and growth objectives via the company website.

your day to day tasks

You often take on coding and design responsibilities, so you should be comfortable with both. It's essential that you understand the fundamentals of effective web design and UX. Using your skills, you create attractive websites that function smoothly.

Web developer jobs are extremely varied in scope. During the course of your workday, some of your responsibilities might include:

  • coming up with concepts for new websites
  • developing new website designs and layouts with UX in mind
  • creating wireframes, mockups, and sitemaps
  • coding new websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Python and other programming languages
  • making website changes or updates
  • adding new features to an existing website
  • refreshing an existing website with a new design or new coding
  • consulting with your clients or company management

To be effective in a web developer job, it’s crucial that you understand many different coding languages and platforms, not merely HTML.

where you can work

As a web developer, you create and maintain websites for companies of all sizes. You customize the functionality of your clients’ websites to provide information, enhance branding, and generate leads, among other things.

Though web developer jobs are often associated with the tech industry, web developers are found in all industries. Any business that has and maintains a company website will benefit from the expertise of web developers.

The highest demand for web developers is in Canada's city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary where businesses congregate, though the market for skilled web developers is strong across the country.

what you bring to the table

As a web developer, your primary function is to create websites and other web-based solutions that promote the interests of your employer. To be successful in a web developer job, you will need a balance of creativity and coding skill.

You are able to:

  • code in a variety of web-based programming languages
  • work with popular CMS frameworks such as WordPress
  • develop website concepts, designs and wireframes
  • create solutions optimized for mobile devices
  • learn quickly and adapt to new technology
  • approach problems creatively
  • understand the fundamentals of UX/UI
  • adapt to constantly changing and evolving technology
  • respond well feedback and constructive criticism
  • consult with clients or management
  • collaborate with others in a team setting

training and certifications

It's rare to hold a web developer job with no formal training. Most web developer jobs will require a post-secondary degree or diploma in computer science, IT, communications, business, design or another related field. Though some self-taught web developers who have an impressive portfolio of work may be able to bypass formal education. The more impressive your list of clients and sample sites, the more attractive you are to hiring managers.

Web developers also need a broad knowledge of web-based programming languages. You must be committed to ongoing education in order to stay relevant. Obtaining certifications and training will help you stay at the top of your game. There are many different courses and certifications that will showcase your expertise in coding languages and industry-standard platforms relevant to the job you are applying for.

where your career is headed

With the proliferation of websites on the Internet, there is an enormous need for experienced web developers who are devoted to the design, development, and execution of a variety of web-based solutions. As a skilled web developer, you can take on the role of both a designer and a programmer, making you an invaluable part of your company's digital marketing team.

As a web developer, you help shape the face of your company on digital channels. You design, implement and maintain key aspects of your company's web presence, such as the company website and blog. Because your role is central to company branding, employers are willing to offer very competitive web developer salaries to secure top talent.

Opportunities for advancement include supervisory and leadership roles in your company's IT or marketing departments, such as project manager. Once you've compiled a portfolio of successful projects, you may also opt to strike out on your own as a freelancer. Freelancing offers you greater freedom and flexibility, and may also allow you to increase your earning potential.

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