web developer jobs

web developer jobs

Web developers and programmers essentially perform the same functions with slight differences. A Web Programmer designs, writes and tests computer programs that are web, desktop or mobile based. A Web Developer develops web-based applications.

With the proliferation of websites on the Internet, there remains an enormous need for solid Web Developers who are devoted to the design, development and deployment of client sites. This makes the Web Developer job one of the strongest on the market for private and public sectors.

web developer jobs

web developer job description

If you’re a Web Developer, you create and maintain websites for companies of all sizes. You customize the functionality of clients’ websites to help they stay competitive. Your role is extremely varied in scope and can be freelance, consultant, part-time or full-time in nature. That means you can work from home as well as in an office environment.

Your median salary range is currently just under $80K annually. Even when economies fluctuate, your solid skills will help you maintain and even increase your income. You usually work with C-level team members, such as IT Directors, CEOs and COOs.

During the course of your workday, you might design and develop new websites or refresh the design and development of a current website. That means it’s essential you understand many different web-coding platforms, not merely HTML. And you need to be comfortable consulting with clients so you can map a website to be its most attractive, appropriate and highly functioning.

future possibilities

In today’s business world, all companies have some kind of web presence, with many doing the majority of their business online. For that reason, Web Developer opportunities are on the rise, especially as companies seek to compete with one another in the virtual marketplace. This means employment prospects are high for you if you keep honing your skills and gaining experience. 

required skills and training

Some employers will hire a Web Developer who has no formal training but lots of expertise, skills and experience. Many prefer a post-secondary education in communications, IT, business or design. More education and training can only help your employability. That said, the more impressive your list of clients and sample sites, the more attractive you are to a potential employer.

Web Programmers need to have a broad knowledge of computer programming languages as well as strong communication and interpersonal skills, like working on a team and being detail oriented. Committing to ongoing education, certification and training will help you stay at the top of your game.  Think about adding certifications in Internet Webmaster work, Mobile Application Development and Advanced Web Development to enhance your resume.

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