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Designer in detailed architecture and technological infrastructures

Summary of the job description As an IT architecture designer, you will carry out the detailed architecture of Desjardins Group's technological infrastructures as part of a business or infrastructure project. You cover more specifically the technological aspects and you also consider the security and telecommunication aspects while respecting the stability of the operating services and the norms, guides and the architectural standards of the company and the operation.

You work on projects for which you provide expertise in the use of technologies from a perspective of performance, robustness, development, succession, safety and respect for frameworks. You are called upon to document the details of the infrastructure elements composing the solution, determine the resource requirements, assess the impact of the project on the systems, on the links and to ensure that the tools and rules are in place to meet the functional need of the operation.

The importance of mastering technology and anticipating innovations as well as your ability to optimize work processes become essential skills. You play an advisory role with clients and various stakeholders in integration and linkage, requiring you to know how to communicate effectively and demonstrate a detailed understanding of the needs of the various interlocutors. The nature of the files and projects requires extensive knowledge in your field.

You may be called upon to help solve complex problems. These require analysis and transversal expertise of multiple technological fields.
You act as a consultant and exercise a leadership role with the authorities and your unit.

Main responsibilities
- Design the technological solutions necessary for the advancement of projects under his responsibility and develop detailed architectures in his area of ​​expertise, configurations and implementation plans for solutions meeting the evolving needs of the organization.
- Carry out needs, capacity and performance analyzes and evaluate the implementation efforts. Recommend appropriate actions.
- Play an advisory role in technological infrastructure
- Represent the management with various stakeholders.
- Produce quality documentation. (Office 365, Visio, others)
- Contribute to the development of operationalization criteria, testing and implementation strategies.

General requirements
- Bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline
- A minimum of six years of relevant experience
- Be customer oriented
- Be results oriented
- Work in project mode.
- Be good at interpersonal communication
- Master problem solving
- Mastering written communication; good writing skills.
- Knowledge of French is necessary.

Please note that other combinations of relevant education and experience may be considered

Job specific requirements

- Very good knowledge of VMware, Windows, Linux, SQL Server and / or Oracle (required)
- Basic knowledge of telecommunications (Firewall, load balancer, vlan, etc ...) (required)
- Basic knowledge of security (firewalls, IT compliance such as PCI, security zone structures, etc.) (required)
- Knowledge of micro-segmentation, more specifically NSX (important asset)
- Knowledge of Azure technologies (important asset)
- Knowledge of Solaris, MQ, AIX (asset)
- Knowledge of cloud computing concepts IAAS, PAAS, CAAS (asset)
- Experience with agile executives (SAFE, Scrum, Kanban, etc ...) (asset)