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Most law clerks work for law firms, the government, or within the legal department of large companies. Most individuals who work in this field will generally provide a wide range of support for legal departments and lawyers, however they are much more knowledgeable than an average clerk when it comes to legal matters. This job generally requires you to assist with legal cases, and other tasks that require legal expertise such as drafting legal paperwork, briefs, and agreements. If you’re interested in working in the legal industry and have a good work ethic, strong attention to detail, great writing skills, and previous experience in the legal field, law clerk is a great career option. Many individuals who work in this role go on to work their way up into other legal professions.

office clerk jobs in canada

what law clerk jobs entail

Law clerks are busy professionals who often work in a fast paced environment and must have the ability to multitask. As with many other jobs in the legal field, this job can require you to work long hours, especially when you’re working on projects with looming deadlines. If you work in this role, you can expect to work at a law firm or within the legal department of a corporation, where you will often report to a lawyer or a senior member of the legal department.

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average law clerk salaries in canada

The average salary of a law clerk in Canada is just over $50,000 annually. If you’re just starting out in this role, the entry-level salary is around $45,000. Once you’ve gained a few years of experience and honed your skills in the legal field, at the top end of the scale, salaries can reach $100,000 or more per year.  By choosing to specialize in a specific area of law, such as legal compliance, commercial securities or corporate law, you can increase your earning potential even more.

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office clerk jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

You can expect to be involved in a variety of different tasks and projects in any law clerk job. It’s important to have the ability to multitask, as you will generally be expected to work on multiple different projects and cases at the same time. The following are some of the tasks you will generally be expected to perform in this role:

  • inputting data and updating client records
  • preparing meeting notes
  • providing support to legal staff
  • drafting legal documents, and
  • managing legal transactions
  • scheduling meetings
  • organizing and storing documents
  • writing legal documents such as briefs
office clerk jobs in canada

where you can work

If you work in a law clerk job, you will mostly likely work for a law firm or within a corporate or government legal department. You may also find work in other companies that require legal assistance such as a paralegal office or in the law system. While many places require trained individuals for this position, major cities will generally have more opportunities as there is a greater presence of law firms, corporations and government institutions.

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what you bring to the table

To find a law clerk job, you will need a variety of skills, such as flexibility and multitasking, to be able to handle the pressures of this fast-paced and demanding professional environment. The following are some skills that companies tend to look for when hiring for this job:

  • knowledge of litigation and case management
  • ability to draft legal documents
  • strong command of the English language
  • ability to work under tight deadlines
  • ability to multitask
  • ability to work under stress
  • strong attention to detail
  • experience with legal documents
  • experience will filing court documents
  • customer service and client management skills

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training and certifications

The minimum educational requirements for a law clerk are generally a law clerk or paralegal diploma. A bachelor’s degree in a field such as political science or another related field may also be appropriate, depending on the role. Many competitive candidates will have completed an internship at a law firm. If you want to work in this field, it is also important to be up to date with current legal issues and developments or changes to the law.

customer service jobs in canada

where your career is headed

If you’re just starting out in a law clerk job, you’ll generally start working in the legal department of a corporation or law firm. Once you have gained some experience in the legal industry, you may choose to further your education and become a paralegal, or even a full-fledged lawyer. With years of experience, many individuals choose to move into more senior legal positions in law firms and corporations. If you decide to work as a law clerk, there are many different and successful paths that your career can take.

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