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industrial electrician jobs in canada

all about maintenance technician jobs

Maintenance technician jobs involve taking on a number of equipment-related duties, including installation, troubleshooting issues, performing repairs, and performing regular maintenance. Maintenance technicians must have a solid understanding of safety protocols and procedures, in addition to having an aptitude with machinery in order to best address problems and prevent them from reoccurring.  

industrial electrician jobs in canada

what maintenance technician jobs entail

Maintenance technicians may work exclusively onsite for their employer, installing and caring for equipment in a factory, plant or other industrial site. Other maintenance technician jobs may require you to be mobile, working at the homes or businesses of clients and installing or repairing equipment there. Maintenance technician jobs may involve day and night shifts, in addition to 40+ hour work weeks. Maintenance technicians will typically report to a senior maintenance leader, such as a maintenance manager.

industrial electrician salaries in canada

average maintenance technician salaries

Maintenance technicians are typically paid on an hourly basis, earning an amount comparable to repair technicians, who fulfill a similar job. Maintenance technician salaries depend on your level of experience as well as your seniority within the company. Maintenance technicians can expect to earn $19 an hour in entry-level positions, while those in more senior jobs can expect to earn around $26.60 an hour.

salaries across canada

  • toronto maintenance technician salary

    $19.00 to $26.60 per hour

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  • vancouver maintenance technician salary

    $19.60 to $27.30 per hour

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  • montreal maintenance technician salary

    $17.90 to $25.10 per hour

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  • calgary maintenance technician salary

    $19.60 to $27.40 per hour

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industrial electrician jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

Maintenance technicians primarily work on installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment and ensuring that machinery functions properly. Some of their daily tasks include:

  • follow health and safety protocols and procedures
  • install and maintain equipment
  • perform machine overhauls
  • monitor equipment and performing running repairs
  • communicate with supervisors
  • ensure reports are completed on time
  • maintain clean work area
  • provide suggestions to improve procedures
industrial electrician jobs in canada

where you can work

Maintenance technician jobs are in demand with a large variety of companies. Companies in the industrial sector that supply machinery and industrial equipment often require technicians who can ensure that production and installation goes smoothly. Other prominent industries that seek maintenance technicians are the food industry and companies that build and maintain swimming pools. Maintenance technician jobs can be found across Canada, although there tend to be more available in cities with an established industrial sector.

maintenance technician jobs in canada

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what you bring to the table

Maintenance technician jobs require you to be both physically fit and forward-thinking. Having any of the following skills is important, in addition to having an aptitude to working with machinery and equipment.

  • customer service skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • able to install, repair, service, maintain equipment
  • able to read and understand blueprints and plans
  • can follow health and safety protocols
  • physically fit and can lift weights
  • able to work on a team and as an individual

training and certifications

Maintenance technician jobs require you to have a high school diploma, at a minimum. Having a college or vocational diploma is generally preferred by employers, but not always required. Previous experience installing or repairing equipment is a typically requirement, as is having an aptitude with working with machinery. Finally, having an understanding of workplace safety and laws regarding work safety is important to this role.

where your career is headed

Maintenance technician jobs are available across Canada, and can expect to make a good living. Those that decide to stick with the role and develop their skills further can expect higher wages and seniority over time. Maintenance technicians may opt to take on further training, and over time, may be promoted to a maintenance manager role or other similar jobs with a management component.

latest maintenance technician jobs available

  • Mechanical Varennes

    2018-12-12 Varennes, Québec Permanent $ 28.00 - $ 35.00 per hour

    Position type : Mechanical Type: Permanent Salary : 28-35$/hour Area : Varennes Industry : Compressors Schedule: day - monday to friday You have a passion for heavy duty mechanical in the compressors industry? You are looking for a role in the field where you go and meet clients with an employeur ...

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  • Manufacturing Engineer London

    2018-12-12 London, Ontario Permanent

    Manufacturing Engineer Our client in North London is offering an exciting opportunity to join their team, this person would report to the Maintenance Manager and working closely with the Lead Robot Technician / Reliability Specialist. Our client is in the Truck build industry for OEM and is ...

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  • Maintenance Tech - Mississauga

    2018-12-12 Mississauga, Ontario Permanent

    We are seeking a part-time Maintenance Tech to assist with servicing a Mississauga job site. Are you mechanically inclined, do you enjoy troubleshooting and repairing structural items? This role is located near Mississauga Rd and Meadowvale area. If you have the skills and aptitude for such a role, ...

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  • Librarian Calgary

    2018-12-11 Calgary, Alberta Temporary

    Position: Librarian Location, Calgary, Alberta Are you a passionate librarian who enjoys working with students and in a school system? Do you possess a combination of competencies and/or experience that relate to library operation, computer skills and interpersonal skills? Interested in exploring a ...

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