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marketing project manager jobs in canada

all about marketing project managers

You do just what your title suggests: you manage projects to help organizations promote their services. As marketing strategies vary so will your duties. You may be hired to manage a single project, or you may be responsible for a series of marketing campaigns.

As part of your management function, you will likely oversee a team of marketing professionals to execute marketing plans - including designers, media specialists, writers, marketing coordinators, and interns. You will work closely with advertising, sales, public relations and management to plan and implement marketing strategies. These may include online campaigns, brochures, signs, press releases and other materials that generate consumer awareness of your brand or a particular product line.

marketing project manager jobs in canada

what a project manger jobs entails

Marketing project managers typically work in an office setting. You will report to a senior marketing professional such as an IT manager or director. Depending on the project you're managing, you may also be required to work outside of normal business hours to meet project deadlines, and attend marketing and promotional events. You may be required to focus your efforts on a simple project or work on multiple campaigns simultaneously.

marketing project manager salaries in canada

average project manager salaries

If you are new to the position of marketing project manager, you can expect a starting salary of between $65,000 and $75,000. Once you are in the role for 5 years or more, you can work your way up to making over $100,000 per year.

Marketing project manager salaries in Canada, similar to product manager and brand management positions, vary widely based on your level of experience and where you want to work. Expect to make more money and have more opportunities if you work in larger urban centers such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver where there is a large presence of marketing agencies and large companies.


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marketing project manager jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

Your day-to-day tasks will vary based on the level of responsibility you have. In the course of your workday, you might:

  • work with the graphics department
  • write and edit copy
  • communicate with leaders and stakeholders
  • conduct market research
  • analyze, plan, budget and set schedules for each project, track its status and ensure on-time delivery
  • manage various aspects of a product launch
  • work with the sales team to promote your product
  • manage your marketing team and oversee various strategic campaigns
marketing project manager jobs in canada

where you can work

Marketing project managers can work in a number of industries and environments. You can work in-house for a company, for a marketing agency, as a consultant for a specific product launch, or as an independent consultant. Marketing project managers are in high demand in large cities across Canada. These cities have a larger marketing industry presence and offer the most opportunities.

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what you bring to the table

Most project manager jobs with a marketing focus will require you to have several years of experience in the marketing field. Often marketing project managers start out as creatives before progressing into a management role. Skills that will serve you well as a marketing project manager include:

  • proven marketing experience
  • an 'eye' for marketing strategy
  • organization and time-management
  • ability to multitask and work under tight deadlines
  • communication, written and verbal
  • ability to gather and analyze data
  • ability to create effective marketing roll-out plans
  • innovation and creativity
  • ability to manage bothg people and campaigns
  • track record of successful campaign management

training and certifications

To succeed as a marketing project manager, you will need a university degree in marketing or a related field, such as business or economics. A graduate degree in marketing or business administration is an added advantage and will provide you with specialized skills and experience. Regardless of the industry or your specialization (e.g., internet marketing, product marketing), you will need significant marketing experience.

Obtaining marketing or project managerment certifications and staying up to date with industry trends ensures you can provide the innovative solutions companies want in a marketing project manager. The Professional Project Manager (PMP) certification is particularly in demand.

where your career is headed

Mid to large sized companies require the skills of project managers to keep their marketing efforts on track. Companies that see the value of a robust marketing strategy – particularly companies in large urban centres – are hiring marketing project managers to develop end-to-end brand promotion and help them reach new markets. Many project managers go on to senior or executive roles, while others choose the consulting route or open their own marketing agency. Either way, there is ample opportunity to grow and succeed in the marketing industry.

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