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As part of the finance and accounting team, your main role will be to ensure the company’s payroll is executed accurately and on time for each pay period. 

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As a payroll specialist, you work with sensitive data, and accuracy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Your job will include data entry, payroll reporting, assisting employees with payroll and benefits inquires, and administering company payroll and benefits. Your position could involve other accounting related tasks and can evolve as your organization’s structure and accounting needs change over time. 

what being a payroll specialist entails

Payroll specialists typically work a standard work week (9-5) in an office setting. Depending on your role and the type of company you work for, such as an HR consulting company, you may administer payroll for more than one company or work remotely on occasion.  You will report to the payroll manager or HR manager, and execute the tasks assigned to you by them.

payroll specialist salaries in canada

average payroll specialist salaries

The average salary for a payroll specialist in Canada is just over $50,000 annually. On the lower end, and when you are new to the position, you can expect a starting salary of about $40,000. With a number of years’ experience, you can expect to make up to $70,000 per year. You may also qualify for bonuses and profit sharing, depending on the company you work for. You could make more than the average salary if you work in the Toronto region or Alberta, where salaries tend to skew up.

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payroll specialist day to day tasks

your day to day tasks

As part of your role as a payroll specialist, you will have a set number of tasks that are required to be executed at certain times during the week to ensure payroll is sent on time. Common day-to-day tasks include:

  • daily payroll tasks
  • processing payroll documentation
  • collecting employee time cards
  • addressing employee payroll inquiries
  • adding new employees and update employee files
  • managing workflows to ensure payroll transactions are processed on time
  • ensuring payroll is in compliance with tax rules and regulations
  • updating bank statements and other financial records
where payroll specialists can work

where you can work

Payroll specialists are needed for companies of all sizes. Small and medium sized companies, large corporations and all other businesses require payroll specialists to administer pay to their employees.

You could also work as an independent contractor for a number of companies part time. Positions are available across the country, however, you will have more opportunities in larger cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal due to the larger number of companies in these areas.

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what payroll specialists bring to the table

what you bring to the table

Payroll specialists require a strong finance and accounting acumen as well as strong interpersonal skills. In accounting and HR, you work with people and with numbers. Here are some of the most important skills you will need to be successful in your job:

  • experience using general ledger and accounting software
  • experience with payroll systems, Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets
  • accounting and payroll administration
  • people management
  • strong communication skills
  • ability to manage and deal with sensitive information
  • problem solving skills
  • effective time management,
  • prioritization and organization
payroll specialist training and certifications

training and certifications

An academic background in accounting is a must to work as a payroll specialist. While some positions may only require a high school diploma, it is recommended that you obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or business administration.

If you plan to move up into accounting management positions and further your career, working toward a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation is an asset. The more education, accounting skills, and experience you can obtain, the greater chance you will have to progress your career. Check with the company you want to work with for specific training and academic requirements. Some companies may offer specific training once you are hired. 

where your career is headed

Payroll specialists commonly move on to more senior payroll positions such as payroll supervisor, payroll manager, and later, on to roles such as payroll and benefits coordinator, payroll and benefits manager, and human resources manager.

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