shipping/receiving jobs in vancouver, british columbia

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shipping/receiving jobs in vancouver

shipping/receiving jobs in vancouver

Shipping/receiving jobs are central to the efficiency and effectiveness of company logistics. Shippers and receivers are important to every stage of the logistical process, and are always in demand. In Vancouver, the number of shipping/receiving roles increased by 3% since 2016, bringing the total to 12,315.

latest shipping/receiving jobs in vancouver

shipping/receiving jobs in vancouver

shipping receiving salaries in vancouver

Shipping/receiving jobs in Vancouver are among some of the best-paying in Canada. On average, hourly wages in Vancouver were:

Entry level salary: $18.3 to $20.9
Intermediate salary: $19.9 to $22.7
Senior salary: $21.4 to $24.4

shipping/receiving jobs in vancouver

top industries for shipping/receiving in vancouver

The most common employers of shipping and receiving workers in Vancouver are:

  1. food merchant wholesalers
  2. warehousing and storage
  3. grocery stores
  4. health and personal care
  5. lumber, millworker, and building supplies wholesalers
shipping/receiving jobs in vancouver

in demand skills in vancouver

The most in-demand skills for shipping/receiving jobs in Vancouver are:

  1. forklift training
  2. microsoft office
  3. freight+
  4. enterprising resource planning software (ERP)
  5. bills of lading
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next steps for shipping receiving

While working shipping/receiving, there will be ample opportunity to advance your career. One may receive additional training while at work, some receiving their forklift training and certifications while on-site. You may opt to develop skills and experience over time, rising to a senior role such as warehouse manager or supervisor.

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