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about managed services provider (MSP)

Randstad Sourceright specializes in offering Managed Services Provider (MSP) solutions for the staffing industry, with a focus on administration, information technology, light industrial, accounting, education, legal, clinical, hospitality, sales and marketing, human resources, and call centers. With our international scope and extensive geographical coverage, MSP is an ideal partner for large to mid-size organizations in Canada’s Public and Private Sectors.

program management

Randstad Sourceright manages the entire MSP procurement life-cycle. This includes job order distribution, qualification, acquisition, contracts, rate card management, project costing, onboarding, time reporting, consolidated invoicing, candidate and supplier performance review, separation management, management reporting and tenure tracking.

Global management of your contingent workforce
Dedicated and experienced professionals oversee all aspects of your contingent workforce program, globally, helping you achieve the best possible results and a new dimension of operational efficiency. Our program managers also coordinate your global workforce efforts across local and specialized markets to ensure integration of workforce strategies and delivery fulfillment.

Service delivery that extends far beyond filling jobs
A successful engagement is no longer defined by filling a job or putting a resource in place. Today’s ever-changing marketplace requires a managed services partner to expertly integrate and deliver the services, resources and technology needed to reduce an organization’s spend and ensure high-quality service delivery and execution. Our comprehensive approach has three fundamental ingredients:

  • Knowledge Capital (people): Staffing our PMO teams with experienced and highly motivated Program Professionals
  • Intelligent Direction (strategy): Aligning your program to your talent strategy including policy and compliance
  • Execution (process delivery): Development and execution of a strategic sourcing model to gain access to the best talent and suppliers, at the right price points

Randstad Sourceright combines world-class program management with the latest technologies, to ensure a simplified and streamlined contingent workforce management process that is highly effective and focused on results

solution design

Business Perspective

  • Resource Management
  • Information Management and reporting
  • Process Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Management

Functional Standpoint

  • Requisition fulfillment
  • Position description management
  • Assignment lifecycle management (start-up, re-assignment, termination)
  • Process/procedure standardization and compliance
  • Time reporting
  • Consolidated billing and vendor payment
  • Vendor management
  • Management reporting
  • Payrolling services

Technology Standpoint

  • ASP solutions
  • Web based
  • Highly scalable
  • Global deployment ready
  • Secure and redundant

Crafting solutions customized to your business
We understand that one-size-fits-all rarely works and 100% custom solutions are cost-prohibitive. That’s why Randstad Sourceright offers a range of MSP solutions, allowing you to choose the model that is right for you, based on the level of control, compliance and cost management you desire.

A range of solutions
Based on your company culture and resourcing requirements, our team creates a strategy designed to deliver both immediate savings and manager satisfaction. Using our state-of-the-art solution design approaches and a variety of fulfillment and service delivery options, we’ll configure the right solution to your specific contingent workforce procurement needs, such as:

  • Master VendorVendor Neutral, and Hybrid Managed Service Provider program structures
  • Best-fit service delivery options to include online, onsite, virtual and blended configurations
  • Access to best-in-class procurement technologies such as Fieldglass, Peopleclick, IQNavigator, Provade and other embedded technologies
  • Support across all skill sets such as professional, IT, engineering, light and heavy industrial and administrative

Leveraging our approach to continuous process improvement, Randstad Sourceright will help you evolve your contingent workforce program as business requirements change. Whether your needs are focused on a single classification of supplied contingent labor - - or management of a wide variety of skill sets and markets, Randstad Sourceright will scale our solution to meet your changing talent needs.

provider programs

Master vendor program
Our Master Vendor program provides you with a single vendor, core recruiting and fulfillment services solution, administered by Randstad Sourceright’s skilled delivery teams. You have direct access to expert recruiters to qualify requirements, or plan for future needs. Requisitions are fulfilled promptly and efficiently, simplifying the entire talent procurement process.

Key features include:

  • Single-vendor solution
  • Focus on requisition fulfillment
  • Localized delivery
  • Direct contact with expert recruiters

Vendor-neutral program
The Randstad Vendor-Neutral program provides you with a multi-vendor solution, featuring the highest level of user support and supply chain management. World-class technologies underpin a dedicated program team to deliver operational excellence in talent procurement. From vendor selection and vetting down to help desk support, the entire procurement process is managed efficiently and effectively.

Key features include:

  • Full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution with multi-vendor sourcing
  • Total supply chain management
  • Client program support

Hybrid program
The Randstad Hybrid program synthesizes vendor-neutral procurement efficiencies with a sole-supplier/sub-vendor delivery model. This option creates a service delivery network of approved suppliers and implements vendor management controls to ensure effective operations. Web-based procurement makes requisitioning talent easy.

Key features include:

  • Combined sole supplier, plus niche vendor solution
  • Control of key procurement processes
  • Web-based procurement

implementation services

Ensuring success through experience
With more than 20 years experience delivering outsourced managed services, across a multitude of skill sets, geographies, and industries, Randstad Sourceright has the in-depth understanding of the workforce supply chain to effectively oversee all aspects of your contingent talent programs.

We expertly integrate and deliver the supplier management services, resources and technology needed to meet the specific goals and objectives for your organization.

The key phases of our implementation methodology include:

  • Project Preparation
  • Discovery and Data Collection
  • Analyze and Design
  • Testing and Validation
  • Deployment and Implementation Turnover

Randstad Sourceright leverages best practices in Change Management, identifying issues up front, embedding our team within your culture, and customizing our deployment approach accordingly. Randstad Sourceright’s organizational readiness and adoption techniques will ensure the transition occurs smoothly through:

  • Program Planning and Discovery
  • Cultural Concerns and Impact Analysis
  • Program Implementation Impact Analysis
  • Communication Strategy Development
  • Implementation and Communication Plan Execution

supplier management

Our brand of neutrality shifts vendors into high gear.
Every MSP claims to be vendor neutral. But we believe the quality difference between suppliers shouldn’t just be ignored. It negates the potential for more positive outcomes and can even alienate critical suppliers. The MSP approach to vendor neutrality means we simultaneously work to understand, align and promote the interests of all stakeholders. We make it our goal to achieve buy-in, not just demand compliance, which means you reach your objectives faster, with minimum disruption, while maintaining the highest quality and satisfaction levels possible.

Maximizing supplier performance
Managing third party suppliers is a key component of any Managed Services program. Randstad’s Supplier Management solution consists of key activities designed to maximize the talents of the supply pool while also achieving the necessary cost objectives.

Key activities of our solution are as follows:

  • Performance management designed to measure each suppliers performance against industry leading service metrics
  • Optimizing suppliers to meet the geographic and skill set needs
  • Diversity initiatives designed to mentor minority owned businesses
  • Automated supplier portal designed to reduce the on-boarding time of suppliers while maximizing efficiency and communication
  • Robust supplier pools able to support temporary, project based and statement of work (SOW) resource needs

statement of work

Managing complex business relationships
Statement of Work (SOW) providers represent significant value in terms of expertise and flexibility to companies and as a result require a solution that supports these complex business relationships.

Randstad Sourceright offers an end-to end solution that bundles technology with a best-in-class service offering. Notable characteristics of this solution are as follows:

  • Best practice contract templates designed to mitigate risk and establish consistent terms and conditions
  • Proven methodology to locate and evaluate these engagements resulting in visibility and rapid deployment
  • End-to-end engagement management ranging from RFX to settlement
  • Access to best-in-breed technology providers with discounted pricing
  • Custom solutions designed to meet the needs of your business while leveraging industry best practices

reporting & analytics

Experience, information and scale
Randstad Sourceright’s advisory reporting and analytical services provides transparency on total spend and develops better-informed strategies to optimize client Managed Services programs and workforce supply chain management effectiveness.

We deliver real-world insights focused on specific customer issues that help develop valuable and actionable spend management strategies. Through a comprehensive approach to contingent workforce management, we focus our analytics and advisory services on talent strategy, strategic sourcing and supplier optimization to help you get the most from your program.
Key features of our Managed Services reporting and analytics services include:

  • Aggregated fresh, real-world data based on more than $3 billion
  • Market-driven scorecards and benchmarks
  • Customized customer data for comparables and trends by:
    • Industry and/or comparable competitors for talent
    • Geography
    • ROI
    • Cost drivers
    • Skill area

provider programs

Solutions designed for the way you do business
While no two companies are exactly alike when it comes to the procurement of contingent labor, 100% custom solutions are cost-prohibitive. That’s why Randstad Sourceright offers a range of solutions. We’ll work with you to choose the model that’s right for you, based on the level of control, compliance and cost management you require.

Master Vendor Program 
Single vendor core recruiting and fulfillment services administered by Randstad Solution’s skilled delivery teams.

Vendor Neutral Program 
Randstad manages the entire procurement process efficiently and effectively, from vendor selection to help desk support

Synthesizes vendor-neutral procurement efficiencies with a sole-supplier/sub-vendor delivery model.

Solution Methodology
No matter which provider program model you choose, Randstad leverages a proprietary methodology and delivery model to maximize your utilization of contingent talent and related program spend. Key components of Randstad’s Managed Service Provider methodology include:

Consult: We assess your contingent workforce requirements and begin program strategy development based on such data points as emerging workforce trends, workforce capacity planning, and refreshed market rates.

Diagnose: We collect and assess key market data including worker and supplier census data, demand/supplier hot mapping, labor and bill market rate analysis, and worker classifications.

Optimize: We maximize program effectiveness by measuring and managing worker performance, worker utilization planning by market, supplier pricing and impact points.

Mastery: We ensure transparency and continuous improvement through supplier performance management, open enrollment for new suppliers, evaluation of milestone attainment, and resetting of KPIs based on business objectives.

professional payrolling

Personalized service
Randstad supports the employment of free agents that you directly source, as well as independent contractors who don’t meet classification criteria.

A dedicated team of seasoned experts deliver personalized service. Service excellence, coupled with a technology rich delivery model, provides an efficient and professional experience for you and your essential professional contingent workforce.

Unparalleled expertise in workforce transition
Even if you have an existing payrolled contingent workforce, you may realize immediate cost savings by transitioning that workforce to Randstad. Randstad manages a rapid integration process, including assimilation, on boarding and transferring of employees, all while reducing administration costs and minimizing disruption to business operations.

Local expertise, global network

Formerly GMS, under the Vedior Group

10 years experience in Canadian market

Managing over $1B in spend for over 250 clients in 32 countries


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