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about recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

We help organizations create highly successful enterprise recruitment solutions through recruitment management (or traditional outsourcing) and through project support services.  Our recruitment management solutions allow you to outsource the management of all or part of the recruitment function.  Our project support services offer organizations access to benchmarking, technology and recruitment support personnel.

We know and understand the recruitment and employment marketplace in Canada and we also understand Canadian Employment and Equity compliance regulations.

We specialize in compliance.  By working with many government and unionized clients we have perfected our methodology, tools and technology to ensure effective compliance with corporate and government regulations.

We accommodate dramatic swings in demand through our full-functioning Recruitment management Office (RMO).

We have a proven experienced team that includes recruitment leaders, experienced recruitment, staffing specialists and a team of recruitment administrative support personnel.

Targeted offerings scaled to your needs
Randstad Sourceright is the industry leading provider of RPO solutions, consistently recognized by such organizations as Known for our scalability and quality of candidates, Randstad Sourceright, delivers streamlined, RPO recruiting solutions that optimize candidate quality, improve time to hire, significantly reduce hiring costs and provide verifiable metrics.
Our proven global recruitment solutions for permanent and blended workforces are designed to improve productivity and business performance.
Our RPO model includes:

  • Flexible deployment options: Enterprise, selective, project, on-demand
  • Scalable, global delivery model
  • Unique virtual recruiting network

Randstad Sourceright enables client organizations to build an agile, skilled and motivated workforce that is able to shift quickly to meet fast-moving challenges and opportunities.

deployment options

Randstad Sourceright works with each RPO client to provide a talent acquisition solution that’s best for their organization—from customized RPO offerings that are tailored to your unique business needs, to a standardized RPO package that expedites the benefits of RPO with industry-best technology and reporting tools.

In today’s dynamic talent acquisition environment, we serve as a strategic workforce partner by providing targeted offerings that scale to a client’s specific hiring needs via four types of global RPO engagements, including: Enterprise-wide RPO, Selective RPO, Project-based RPO, RPO CONNECT.

enterprise-wide RPO

Management of the entire recruiting function of a client’s HR organization.

At a time in our history when talent strategies are changing with ever-increasing rapidity, many organizations are turning to recruitment process outsourcing to achieve their strategic business goals. Positioned to meet the specialized, far-reaching hiring needs of clients, Randstad Sourceright offers an enterprise-wide RPO solution designed for organizations seeking to outsource their entire recruiting function.

Enterprise-Wide RPO Features
With enterprise-wide RPO, your talent acquisition needs will be amply supported by expert recruiters, practices and tools. Features include:

  • Dedicated client delivery team for partnership duration
  • Forward-looking analytics and tools
  • Complete ownership of candidates and candidate database
  • Recruitment process customized to your business needs & culture
  • Change management and implementation team equipped to deliver a highly customized, robust change management program
  • Expert and diagnostic approach to all major applicant tracking systems and assessment tools
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    Demonstrating Enterprise-wide RPO

selective RPO 

Management of the recruitment process for a specific business unit, skill set or geographic location.

Looking for an RPO solution that’s targeted at certain facets of your business, but not the entire organization? Randstad Sourceright offers Selective RPO for clients desiring to outsource their recruiting function for a specific skill set, division or geographic location.

Selective RPO Features
With Selective RPO, your specific recruiting needs will be supported by our expert recruiters, practices and tools. Features include:

  • Dedicated client delivery team for partnership duration
  • Forward-looking analytics and tools
  • Complete ownership of candidates and candidate database
  • Recruitment process customized to your business needs & culture
  • Change management and implementation team equipped to deliver a highly customized, robust change management program
  • Expert and diagnostic approach to all major applicant tracking systems and assessment tools
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

project-based RPO

Management of a recruiting processes or "on-demand" recruiter support designed to accelerate short-term hiring needs.

Need to hire a large supply of talent quickly to fulfill a short-term staffing goal? Our project-based RPO solution is specifically designed to meet your immediate hiring demands.

With project-based RPO, your short-term hiring goals will be supported by a dedicated team of recruiters focused on delivering the right talent for your business, right when you need it. Our talent solutions span an extensive range of skills, levels and industries.

Project-Based RPO Features
With project-based RPO, your short-term recruiting needs will be met by expert recruiters, practices and tools. Features include:

  • Dedicated client delivery team for partnership duration.
  • Complete ownership of candidates and candidate database.
  • Recruitment process customized to your business needs & culture.
  • Change management and implementation team equipped to deliver a highly customized, robust change management program if necessary.
  • Expert and diagnostic approach to all major applicant tracking systems and assessment tools.
  • Customized service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Recruiter-on-demand options, for clients who need to ramp on day one.


Standardized, best in-class RPO solution designed for the small to midmarket enterprise.

Designed for the small and mid-market enterprise
In today’s ever-changing business environment, the key to being ready to adapt at a moment’s notice lies within an organization’s ability to build the best and brightest on-demand talent pool.

To help small to mid-size companies leverage best practice talent acquisition services, Randstad Sourceright has designed RPO CONNECT - a standardized RPO package that combines best-in-class people, process and technology resources to improve recruiting effectiveness, increase access to high-performing talent, and enhance your employment brand.

RPO CONNECT is designed to transform your recruiting function by incorporating best practices and investments from our experience with Fortune 500 clients.

By implementing RPO CONNECT, you will gain access to Randstad Sourceright’s:

  • Account management professionals who specialize in the needs of small and midmarket enterprises
  • Dedicated team that is supported by our virtual recruiting network experts
  • Proprietary sourcing methodology
  • 6 week implementation timeframe backed by change management principles to drive internal adoption
  • Scalable, global business model designed to flex as your business needs change

  Our solutions include:

  • Recruitment Process Management
  • Process Benchmarking
  • Recruitment Support and Administration
  • Technology Consultation
  • Candidate Sourcing and Management

rpo methodology

Delivering industry leading service quality
What distinguishes Randstad Sourceright as the number one provider of RPO service quality is our best practice approach to performance excellence. We deploy a unique governance model and relationship structure that integrates our account team within your business environment and culture. Through our dedicated partnership approach, Randstad Sourceright ensures we are aligned with your talent strategies and hiring needs, and we continually monitor activities and performance metrics so we can quickly adjust course, as business requirements change. The key components of the Randstad Sourceright’s  RPO methodology include:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Program governance model
  • Account partnership and service structure
  • Process improvement and innovation
  • Technology review and implementation
  • Change management and communications
  • Sourcing methodology and talent pipelining
  • Candidate relationship and lifecycle management
  • Compliance optimization
  • Performance measurement and benchmarking

Randstad Sourceright has a long track record of demonstrating business improvement, increased quality and an enhanced stakeholder experience.


Sourcing innovations to attract top quartile talent
What distinguishes Randstad Sourceright as the number one RPO provider of talent is our innovative talent sourcing methodology.
Our multi-dimensional approach to candidate sourcing strategically identifies passive and active job candidates with pin-point precision, creating a robust pipeline of highly qualified talent.

service delivery

Service designed with customer-centric flexibility
Randstad Sourceright is committed to helping clients build a talented, high-performing workforce.

We expertly integrate and deliver the services, resources and technology needed to reduce an organization’s spend and ensure high-quality service delivery and execution.

The Randstad Sourceright’s RPO service delivery model is designed to provide the right level of dedicated, high-touch account management resources balanced with efficient centers of excellence for transactional activities - - and to scale your account resources based on real-time workforce needs.

A dedicated team delivers personalized service, coupled with a technology-rich delivery model ensures service excellence and industry-leading automated processes. Our distinctive model is driven by our ability to:

  • Locate client resources onsite, nationally, regionally, locally and virtually
  • Continually monitor hiring trends and anticipated demand
  • Adjust staffing levels to ensure optimal workload balance
  • Provide a shared services infrastructure for integrated reporting and analytics
  • Leverage deep vertical expertise for trending and benchmarking
  • Tailor solutions designed for individual needs, requirements and goals

Our approach focuses on providing the optimal service, support and relationship management techniques to meet the requirements of your immediate and long-term workforce plan and acquisition strategy.


Ensuring success through industry best practices
The key phases of our implementation methodology include:

  • Planning
  • Discovery
  • Installation and implementation
  • Go-live
  • Service optimization

Randstad Sourceright leverages best practices in Change Management, identifying issues up front, embedding our team within your culture, and customizing our deployment approach accordingly.

Randstad Canada’s organizational readiness and adoption techniques will ensure the transition occurs smoothly through:

  • Program planning and discovery
  • Participant analysis and involvement
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Adoption strategies
  • Continuous improvement


Leveraging best-in-class talent acquisition applications
Randstad Sourceright RPO utilizes a three-pronged approach to ensure we protect, leverage and replace technologies based on your technical maturity, complexity, geography and existing strategic investments. Our deep skills and experience across a multitude of application providers such as Peopleclick, Taleo, eRecruit, PeopleSoft, BrassRing, among others, affords us the ability to offer this flexibility to our client organizations. Randstad Sourceright’s three-tiered RPO model includes:

  • Embedded Technology Approach: Clients who need to enhance or replace their talent acquisition infrastructure adopt the Randstad Sourceright proprietary, embedded toolset gaining access to our technology investments while avoiding unnecessary capital expense.
  • Integrated Technology Approach: For organizations that have made significant investments in a core application, like the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Randstad Sourceright will integrate ancillary tools to improve the effectiveness of the recruitment process such as search engine optimization, relationship management and decision support.
  • Wrapped Technology Approach: In the case where the client has made significant technology investments across the employment process, Randstad Sourceright will leverage the client’s core platforms and wrap our services, support and reporting capabilities around the client’s toolset.

Regardless of which approach we deploy, our ability to effectively leverage and integrate talent acquisition applications has resulted in bottom line savings and improved employee caliber by streamlining and automating the recruitment process.

reporting and analytics

Turning data into knowledge
Key performance metrics are customized to your business needs, easy-to-use and understand, and deliver visibility into the performance of the RPO partnership.

Randstad Sourceright’s RPO specialists collect, analyze and interpret data, delivering insights and recommendations that enhance operational efficiencies and business effectiveness.

A few key of the many performance metrics include:

  • Time-to-fill
  • Diversity of candidate pool
  • Recruiting cost efficiency
  • Candidate quality
  • Hiring manager/candidate satisfaction
  • Client-specific key performance indicator and SLA scorecards

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fast facts

Award winning enabling technology (RPA Connect™).

Proven methodologies, tools and techniques across all phases of the recruitment cycle.

A division of the Randstad Canada Group, the largest staffing agency in Canada and second largest worldwide.

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