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Supply chain workers play an important role in ensuring that company inventory is properly stored, accounted for and is shipped to the places it needs to be sent. An issue with the supply chain can have big repercussions for business. Your specific role will depend on your job description, the company you work for, and the type of products you work with.

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shipping receiving jobs in canada

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When you work in the supply chain, you oversee inventory management, ordering, replenishing stock, and ensuring inventory levels are maintained. You may also be tasked with delivery, inventory audits and other tasks that are conducive to a warehouse or retail environment. The supply chain clerk role is a stepping stone and valuable experience for a career in supply chain and logistics and other related careers.

shipping receiving jobs in canada

what supply chain jobs entail

Supply chain clerks tend to work during normal hours. Some companies offer shift work that includes evenings, overnights, and on weekends. Your work often involves a warehouse setting; however, you may also be required to work in an office or retail setting as part of your job. In most cases, you will report to a warehouse manager or shift manager. You may also work in pairs or as a team to accomplish tasks. Expect to do a combination of physical tasks and administrative functions such as record keeping, updating files, and inventory management.

shipping receiving jobs in canada

average supply chain salaries

Supply chain clerk salaries vary based on your years of experience in the position. New hires can expect a starting salary of about $25,000, or approximately $12 per hour. With 5 years of experience or more, you can make up to $45,000 annually, or about $22 per hour. Factors that may impact your earning potential include your location, how your role is defined, and job title; and bilingual workers (English and French) normally earn 5% more than their unilingual counterparts in some regions in Canada. A college diploma could also help you get a higher starting salary. 

salaries across canada

  • toronto supply chain salaries

    $16.50 to $22.10 per hour

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  • vancouver supply chain salaries

    $17.00 to $22.80 per hour

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  • montreal supply chain salaries

    $15.50 to $21.10 per hour

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  • calgary supply chain salaries

    $16.00 to $22.80 per hour

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shipping receiving jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

Supply chain workers often have roles with redundant tasks. You tend to perform similar duties each day to support the supply chain function of the company. The following are some of the duties that may be part of your job:

  • stocking and replacing inventory items
  • loading and unloading shipments
  • recording inventory data
  • documenting shipments
  • sorting and delivering inventory 
  • inspecting shipments
  • training others on new products and procedures
shipping receiving jobs in canada

where you can work

Supply chain clerks can work in any company that produces and ships a large volume of products to consumers or other businesses. Supply chain roles are available in many industries, especially manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Positions open up frequently in larger cities that are located along key distribution chains within Canada.

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what you bring to the table

Supply chain clerks need to be physically fit, have a keen eye for detail and accuracy, and be willing to work in a team environment. Some of the key skills that will help you in your role include the following:

  • inventory management
  • attention to detail and accuracy
  • experience with data entry, ordering
  • ability to work in a team environment
  • detailed understanding of supply chain and logistics
  • problem solving and troubleshooting
  • ability to think on your feet

training and certifications

Most supply chain jobs require a high school diploma. Additional education is an asset and can help you get a promotion and take on additional roles within the company in the future. If you plan to have a career in supply chain or logistics, a college diploma in this area is recommended. Health and safety training, and forklift certification and other training are also highly recommended. Training to use specialized machinery, inventory management programs, and other company initiatives will be provided upon being hired and will be ongoing.

where your career is headed

Supply chain clerks tend to build experience in a role before moving on. Many make unilateral moves to other companies or similar supply chain positions. However, there is opportunity to move up and get a promotion. Many supply chain clerks move on to warehouse management positions, and others move into the corporate office and take on supply chain manager roles which, in time, can lead to additional promotions to roles such as operations manager, procurement manager and other similar roles.

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