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Telemarketers play an important role in helping companies connect with customers. The reason for connecting can vary. Your job may involve sales, offering customer service, answering questions, offering special incentives, or updating customer records. .

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telemarketing agent jobs in canada

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While your job will involve spending most of your time on the phone, your tasks can vary based on the company and department. Telemarketing happens in a fast paced environment and requires exceptional customer service skills. You will need to be patient, persistent, and a good listener. If you feel like you have the skills to be a successful telemarketing agent, contact Randstad Canada today to identify available positions in your area.

what telemarketing agent jobs entail

Telemarketers work in an office environment and spend most of their day working on the phone, often using a dialer system to contact customers. Telemarketing agents can work a number of shifts. You may need to work days, afternoons, and weekends. Telemarketing agents are often placed on teams. You will report to your team leader. Some telemarketing agents may have the opportunity to work remotely and provide customer service using internet communication tools such as Skype.

telemarketing agent salaries in canada

average telemarketing agent salaries

The average annual salary for a telemarketing agent in Canada is approximately $35,000. Salaries range from $28,000 to $43,000. Hourly, this works out to about $13.50 - $20.00. Many telemarketing positions are performance based, offering you the opportunity to make more money. Performance bonuses and benefits are often included in your compensation package.

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telemarketing agent jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

Your day-to-day tasks involve interacting with customers to answer inquiries or sell new products or services. What you do daily largely depends on where you work as a telemarketer. Here are some common responsibilities for telemarketers:

  • cold calling customers
  • learning sales scripts
  • answering incoming calls
  • answering questions and helping customers update their accounts
  • handling customer complaints
  • receiving coaching and training
  • upselling customers
  • preparing or testing scripts
telemarketing agent jobs in canada

where you can work

Telemarketing is used by companies in many industries across Canada to communicate with their customer base and provide customer service. Telemarketing agents are commonly employed by companies in finance, banking, retail, communications, marketing and sales. These companies are spread out in call centers across Canada. Some operate remotely.

telemarketing jobs in canada

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telemarketing agent jobs in canada

what you bring to the table

Telemarketers must have strong interpersonal and customer service skills. You spend most of your time interacting with customers, either attempting to sell or to field complaints. You need to be able to handle rejection and deal with unhappy customers on occasion. Skills you'll need:

  • exceptional customer service
  • experience working with CRMs
  • excellent verbal communication skills
  • patience and understanding
  • the ability to be understanding and sympathetic to customer concerns
  • good sales and negotiation skills
  • time management skills
  • ability to multi-task
  • great people skills
telemarketing agent jobs in canada

training and certifications

Most organizations require telemarketing agents to have a high school diploma at a minimum. Some companies require some college course experience. Most job requirements and skills are taught during the onboarding process. Regular coaching and training is provided to telemarketing agents.

If you plan to use telemarketing as a launching point for your career, a college or university diploma will help you become a candidate for advancement opportunities.

telemarketing agent jobs in canada

where your career is headed

Telemarketing agent’s skills are transferable to many different types of customer service and communications roles. Many telemarketers move on to work in the same role with other companies. Many move up into team leader and management roles within the telemarketing department. With experience, some telemarketing agents can move into related marketing and communications roles internally or externally.

Are you looking for telemarketing agent jobs? Do you currently work as a telemarketing agent and want to explore your next career move? Randstad Canada can help you get access to the top telemarketing jobs in your area.

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