4 ways to be one move ahead in the war for STEM talent

We’ve been talking a lot recently about the shortage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skilled workers organizations across Canada have been experiencing. While opinions about a shortage are conflicting, what’s clear among forward-thinking businesses determined to innovate and grow is that they can’t get there from here without an aptly trained workforce.

Our white paper, “Confronting Canada’s Technical Talent Shortage” is full of valuable information and tips on how you can attract and develop the talent you need to realize your business objectives. Our hope is that it triggers conversations in your organization that will increase your immunity to the ebbs and flows of a fluctuating business environment.

here are some ways you can fill your talent pool:


Promote education from the primary school level to create a STEM-literate society with strong basic skills. Encourage and support increased registration in science, technology, engineering and math programs. Work with government agencies and educational institutions to promote STEM fields among future workers. Build relationships with schools and students to promote STEM-based education. You’ll be investing in long-term growth and development. For example, organize school visits to talk about your organization and the stimulating career opportunities it offers.


Help students develop soft skills through business-education partnerships that provide work-integrated learning (WIL) programs such as apprenticeships, co-op programs, internships, applied research projects and workplace training. You’ll be providing a future workforce with practical and soft skills that can only be gained in the workplace. And you’ll be grooming a previously untapped employment pool that already knows and understands your company, objectives and goals. You’ll benefit from their enthusiasm and commitment – they’ll commit to you because you’ve already committed to them.

we can help your business


Make sure your hiring pool includes underrepresented groups like women and Aboriginals. By providing mentor/training programs that target them, you’ll benefit from a deeper pool of diverse experience, ideas, perspectives and capabilities, not to mention increased engagement and productivity. And really, there’s no such thing as too much of these good things when it comes to your business.


Create a corporate environment that enables and rewards new skills development. Establish internal training in the skills your organization needs or might need in the future. You’ll be increasing morale within your organization and you’ll raise your value as an employer of choice.

Innovation and growth don’t just happen. They’re driven. As a business leader, you’re in the driver’s seat. Be proactive in your hiring initiatives and retention strategies. Only one way takes you forward.


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