Is WiFi key to unlocking productivity?

It might sound like a silly thing to hinge happiness and productivity on, but don’t underestimate how importance connectivity is to today’s tech-savvy and highly mobile workforce.Strong WiFi connectivity is the lifeblood of any modern business. Studies have actually shown that a speedy WiFi network, especially one that’s open and free, can actually offer businesses a competitive advantage. Here’s why.

wifi productivity

it encourages productivity

Let’s face it, most of us rely on the web to do our jobs these days. If nothing else, you can count on good old email to be reliant on a speedy internet connection. Ever had your computer network go down for any length of time? It feels like the amount of work you’re still able to get done can fit on a post-it with room to spare. Laggy or slow connections are almost as frustrating. In today’s tech-centric world, we’ve come to rely on the Internet and get exasperated when it doesn’t work. Simply put, a fast, stable connection is central to getting things done in a timely and efficient manner.

it increases customer happiness

Admit it, you’ve been in a situation where you went somewhere (let’s say your dentist’s office) and found that it had lightning fast WiFi that you weren’t expecting. That little fact was a happy bonus that made your experience waiting there just a little more pleasant than it would have been otherwise. Sure, it’s one of many reasons you like your dentist (as much as one can like a dentist), but it’s definitely something that made a solid check in the pro column for coming back.

For businesses (especially those of the variety that require waiting around) WiFi is a cheap and easy way to win over customers and give customer satisfaction a little boost for a very small investment. In fact, businesses that offer free WiFi routinely receive higher customer ratings than those that don’t, even if they regularly have longer waits.

it increases employee happiness, too

If you’ve ever worked in an office without WiFi, you know you’re pretty much chained to your desk to get work done. That’s just not realistic in today’s multi-screen world. From answering a quick email on your phone while waiting for the elevator to shuffling into a meeting room to give a presentation on your laptop, today’s workplaces are much bigger than a cubicle. Free WiFi makes that flexibility easier and more convenient for everyone. An added bonus: employees with pricey data plans will thank you. Free WiFi is one of many, many factors that contribute to employee happiness. Yes, really. Happier employees for the cost of WiFi? Seems like a pretty good deal.

it increases revenue

In some industries, customers actually sort potential businesses based on whether they have WiFi or not – think a hotel suite, café, laundromat, or auto shop. Waiting around is more pleasant with WiFi to keep you distracted. If you’re in an industry like this, free WiFi might actually be winning over customers before they even step through your doors. There’s also evidence that customers spend more time in places with WiFi, and that they spend more money while there. This is in direct contrast to what business owners often think will happen: that they’ll be laden with moochers looking for free access to the web.

it makes cloud-based technology seamless

Cloud-based tools have revolutionized the way we work. Sharing a document with a client is a breeze. Wireless scanners can track inventory with the scan of a barcode. Want to access up to the minute customer data input from a location across town? No problem. But all of these tools rely on connectivity, like, yep, you guessed it, WiFi. Internet, particularly the kind not tethered to wires has actually become central to business processes in many industries. Embrace the technology and use it to increase efficiency.

it’s actually pretty secure

There are countless concerns about WiFi security, and whether or not hackers with malicious intent can break into your network and steal confidential information transmitted via WiFi. In reality, you actually have quite a bit of control over how your WiFi network is set up. The most common (and safest method) involves setting up two points of access through an SSID (Service Set Identifier) – one secure, closed login exclusively for your employees, and another open network for your customers to enjoy free of charge. This allows you to reap the benefits of both. Employees can share confidential information and documents on a secure network. And your customers enjoy free WiFi.

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