Top job and workplace trends of 2016

As we approach the end of the year, it's the perfect time to look back at the year and see what notable workplace trends were on Canadians’ minds. Looking back, here are the 10 most popular Workforce 360 articles we posted in 2016!

top workforce job trends 2016

  1. How does Brexit affect jobs in Canada?
    Unsurprisingly, Brexit tops our list of most read articles in 2016. When the news broke that Britons had decided to withdraw from the European Union by a narrow 50.9% to 49.1% margin, the stock market took a steep drop. Though the market has since recovered, questions about the world economy continue to loom large as a result of the vote.

  2. The Randstad Award results are in
    One of the biggest nights of the year here at Randstad, the Randstad Award crowns 50 exemplary employers as Canada’s most attractive employers. In 2016, Canadian Solar took home the top prize, with IMB and Air Canada rounding out the top 3.

  3. Randstad to acquire Monster Worldwide
    No doubt the biggest news to break about Randstad this year, in August it was announced that Randstad would be acquiring job board Monster, for a price of approximately $429 million. In November the sale was successfully completed.

  4. 50% of young workers regret not getting into STEM
    In 2016, STEM fields were a hot topic. That’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, in case you were wondering. The labour shortages in these hot fields drove a lot of conversation and debate about why Millennials are eschewing STEM fields in favour of more traditionally white collar jobs.

  5. 10 women to watch in 2016
    One of our most consistently popular series is Women Shaping Business. Over the years, we’ve held dozens of events, written numerous articles and kept the conversation about women in the workplace. So it comes as no surprise to us that Canadians are interested in learning more about successful, high-powered women.
  6. How a Trump presidency affects Canadian jobs
    One of 2016’s most shocking events was the outcome of the American election which saw Donald Trump elected to the highest office in America. After the Republican candidate swept his way to an upset win, Canadians were justifiably curious how the shift would affect their livelihoods.

  7. Why Canada is a great place to live and work
    Given the worldwide turmoil in 2016, Canadians (and citizens of other nations, too!) were happy to take a moment to appreciate this great nation. Canada has remained stable, friendly and inclusive.

  8. How to find your company’s Steve Jobs
    More than 5 years after his passing, Steve Jobs continues to be recognized for his contributions to the tech world. The mere mention of his name immediately brings to mind ground-breaking innovation, creativity and genius. And isn’t that something we could all use a little more of around the office?

  9. How Millennials are driving innovation in tech
    Throughout 2016 there was a lot of discussion about Millennials and their attitudes to just about everything. As they storm into the workforce (they make up approximately one-third of employed Canadians, currently) their attitudes to work and technology are just one of the many ways they’re driving change.

  10. How to take control of your professional brand
    Branding was a big theme in 2016. Whether it was honing in on your employer brand, or examining your personal brand, with the dominance of social media it’s more important than ever to clearly represent who you are what you stand for. Your business (or job) just might depend on it.

The diverse topics that made news in 2016 reflect the wide array of topics that affect Canadian jobs today. From major world events, to labour trends in STEM and tech, to the role Millennials are playing in shaping the world of work, it was a busy year. No doubt, 2017 has some equally exciting developments in store.

As new events unfold and exciting trends emerge, we'll be here to keep you up-to-date on the leading employment, HR and workplace trends of 2017!

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