Job Description: ACCOUNTING JOBS 


Job Description: ACCOUNTING JOBS

Accounting jobs at both the clerk and degreed accountant level are plentiful in Canada due to the economy, which makes companies mindful of the need to keep accurate records and plan for their future financial stability. Virtually every business needs basic bookkeeping and tax services, as well as more advanced services such as auditing and strategic planning, so there are many full and part time opportunities.

The Job

Work realities:
Accounting jobs can be based in a physical office, but are also often performed in virtual settings, due to the prevalence of accounting software.

Accounting clerks often enter bills into a computer program, prepare them for payment, and manage accounts payable or accounts receivable. Some people who perform these duties may also have other clerical or administrative functions. Those working as Accountants may perform auditing, assurance, bookkeeping compilation, review, taxation, and payroll services as direct employees, consultants, or employees of services that specialize in payroll or taxes.

Future possibilities:
With increased training and experience, those with accounting degrees and membership in accounting societies can aspire to be auditors, tax specialist, financial planners, and more.


Basic Accounting jobs require numerical ability, attention to detail, finer dexterity, clerical ability, and computer skills, while more advanced positions call for strong analytical and communications skills.

Required Skills and Training

A Bachelor's degree is the preferred minimum for some jobs, plus a fluency in English and French.

Basic Accounting Clerk jobs or administrative jobs with accounting functions are available with little or no experience, but positions for accounts and auditors may require several years of experience.

Skills and Certifications:
Membership in a professional accounting organization for Chartered Accountants, General Accountants, and Management Accountants is key to advancement. Three separate organizations were merged in 2012, so certification procedures are expected to change.


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