health & safety policy statement 2024

Randstad Canada is committed to making every effort in providing a healthy and safe work environment for all its employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors and customers. This commitment to health and safety is an integral part of the organization, from the executive management to employees, and is aligned with the Randstad’s Global H&S Policy.

Through education, training, competent supervision, suitable protective equipment and best practices, Randstad Canada’s leadership, executive and management team will take every reasonable precaution necessary to ensure the protection of all employees while complying with all legislated health and safety requirements within each region where Randstad Canada operates. 

Ensuring a safe workplace environment is a collective responsibility that requires the active participation of all Randstad Canada employees. Both management and staff must remain dedicated to the ongoing objective of minimizing the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses, encompassing physical, psychological, and social well-being concerns. Visitors and contractors at Randstad locations are also expected to comply with all health and safety requirements. It is mandatory for all employees to report any unsafe conditions, accidents, injuries, or near misses to their direct supervisor and to work in accordance with legal requirements and established safe work practices and procedures outlined by Randstad. Your cooperation and engagement in preventing occupational injuries and illnesses are vital contributions to Randstad Canada's health and safety objectives and values.

The Canadian leadership, executive, management team and designated employees of Randstad Canada will conduct an annual review of this Health and Safety Policy to ensure it complies with all legislative requirements.