fraud attempts by misuse brands

Please be aware that it is happening increasingly often that person(s) who are in no way connected to the Randstad Group, pretend vis-à-vis the outside world to be part of one of the Randstad brands. Without our permission, they;

  • pose as a recruiter of a Randstad company by contacting people (e.g. via email, letter, phone, social media) about a “suitable position” (either a real vacancy of a Randstad company or a fake one); or
  • try to tempt people to contact them by placing fake job adverts on (employment) websites, using the name and/or Randstad brand.

The person(s) concerned request their “potential victims” to provide them with all kinds of personal information and to make (a) payment(s). It should be noted that none of the Randstad Group members will ever request payment of any kind or a copy of a credit card or debit card from a candidate during a recruitment or job search process.

If you become aware of (possible) misuse of the brands of the Randstad Group and in particular of fraud attempts, please report to as soon as possible.