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more than recruitment

In today's digitally driven world of work, you need an HR partner who understands the full scope of the talent management life cycle. That's exactly what Randstad offers. From recruiting, to employer branding, to consulting, to career transitions, we offer HR services at every stage of the employment cycle, ensuring your business always has access to the HR tools and support you need.

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driving innovation and connection

In today’s complex world of work, you need more than a recruiter. You need a total talent architect. Skills shortages in some key Canadian industries are forcing companies to compete for the best talent. With digital transformation continuing to disrupt how organizations do business, you need a partner that can help you drive organizational strategy, workforce productivity and business performance; one with the expertise, scope and vision to provide all-encompassing HR solutions.

our approach

We know that real connections are not made up of data and algorithms. They're made up of people. We make a difference in our clients' lives by connecting them with candidates who have the talent and ambition to drive their business forward. Human Forward.

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employer branding

In today's digital world, your organization's online reputation is a crucial part of your employer branding package. It's essential that your brand is visible and stands out to attract the best talent. Today's job seekers are savvier than ever and the talent market is competitive. Your employer branding can be the difference between a full talent pipeline and finding your organization struggling to fill jobs.

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staffing and recruitment

We offer a range of flexible recruitment solutions to ensure your organization is agile and able to staff up or down as your business cycles do. Whether you need temporary staff, are looking to hire a permanent team member, or need a full-service inhouse recruiting solution, we're the partner you're looking for.

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HR tech

Today's businesses face a challenge: clients and customers expect technology to be a natural part of their experience, yet at the same time they crave a human connection. The answer to this contradiction? HR tech that reduces friction in the customer experience, while also providing your HR team with more time to focus on strengthening relationships.

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HR consulting

When you need a 360° HR partner, Randstad is the clear choice. We have a diverse range of HR expertise and can consult on a variety of HR issues such as compensation structure, organizational development, talent acquisition and can even build your HR department from the ground up

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IT solutions

When you face IT challenges that can't be solved with internal resources alone, our IT solutions division is your ideal partner. We find, deploy and retain the IT talent your organization needs for long or short-term IT projects. As an undisputed leader in the tech recruting space, we know a thing or two about finding the best tech talent in the market.

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As the world of work changes, so does the way businesses must approach HR and recruitment processes. With Randstad Sourceright, you can tap into full-service talent solutions that allow you to meet your operational and business objectives while minimizing costs and increasing efficiency.

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career transition

Times of change are often the most challenging. If your organization has a outplacement plan in place, it can help to make periods of transition, such as during layoffs or restructuring, smoother for your organization and the affected employees. RiseSmart helps organizations develop smart and compassionate outplacement solutions that guide employers and employees through workplace transitions.

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