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Do you believe that people employers' most valuable asset? Do you recognize that talent is about more than the skills and qualifications you can fit onto a resume? Are you passionate about building teams that are more than the sum of their parts? If this sounds like you, human resources is a great career path for you! Connect with Randstad today, and we'll help you find your next human resources job.

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Below are some of the most popular human resources jobs in Canada. Find opportunities available in your field now.

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Randstad human resources is unique among recruitment firms. We say that with confidence born of success and a steadfast, non-negotiable value proposition from which all our decisions are made. Everything we do is a result of our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to recruitment excellence.

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administrative support jobs in canada

average human resources salaries

Entry-level human resources jobs start around $40,000. This includes HR jobs like clerks and coordinators. Intermediate HR jobs have salaries closer to the $60,000 range, while managers and senior roles can be even higher.

Overall, the salary structure in HR jobs ranges from approximately $40,000 to well over $100,000 for highly experienced professionals. Your compensation will depend on your location and employer. Some HR jobs work on commission, which means you can make even more if you're highly skilled.

administrative support jobs in canada

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Below are some of the most popular human resources jobs that Randstad fills. Learn more about each of these roles by clicking on them.

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All businesses rely on employees. For this reason, there will always be a need for human resources professionals. HR professionals help businesses hire new talent and manage the needs existing employees.

Human resources jobs are found across Canada in cities of all sizes, in verticals such as finance, marketing, healthcare, telecommunications, technology, and many others. As an HR professional, you should have your pick of employment opportunities!

your day to day tasks

Human resources jobs are best suited to individuals with people skills. You must communicate effortlessly with candidates, clients, and employees. Tasks you might perform include:

  • interfacing with clients or candidates
  • shaping HR practices and policies
  • ensuring compliance with employment laws
  • writing or distributing employee handbooks
  • handling hiring initiatives and job postings
  • scheduling and performing job interviews
  • onboarding or training new hires
  • maintaining employee files and records
  • managing insurance and benefits for employees

what you bring to the table

Human resources jobs require a deep understanding of people. To connect with candidates you need to understand their needs and goals. Successful HR professionals have:

  • exceptional communication skills
  • interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • planning and organization skills
  • ability to collaborate and work on a team
  • basic administrative skills
  • ability to prioritize and meet tight deadlines
  • ability to adhere to confidentiality and ethical rules, laws, and guidelines
  • skill with delegation and leadership

training and certifications

Most HR jobs require a post-secondary degree or diploma in human resources, business administration, or a related field. Depending on the industry you work in, a related degree (for example finance) may also be seen as an asset. Prior experience in HR is often required, as well.

The ability to speak more than one language is also an asset in many HR jobs. In Canada, English/French bilingual speakers are in particularly high demand, however, there are many other languages which are also in demand.

where your career is headed

Human resources jobs can lead to supervisory and management roles. For example, HR manager, HR director, or VP of Human Resources. These roles require you to bring strong leadership skills to the table.

Human resources jobs cover a diverse landscape, so there is plenty of room for you to transition into other roles in marketing, sales or other fields. Many HR professionals also opt to start their own consulting firms. Once you have developed your skills, you may find you enjoy the freedom of choosing your own projects and schedule.

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In today's competitive HR job market, who you know is increasingly important to your success. Luckily, you know us. Rest assured the decisions we make today come from a firm and holistic understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s business climate, and lay the foundations for your success.

We focus on your short and long-term goals and personal objectives and work side by side with you as you strive to develop your career.

we use cutting edge technology

Technology has shifted the recruitment paradigm. We use innovative technologies that ensure your continued growth and extend the realm of possibilities. We invest in strategic technologies, which allow us to lead the way and set the standard in terms of the quality of service you receive from us.

As much as we depend on technology, we also value the people side of business. With a healthy combination of technology and people skills, we're focused on building long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time.

we help talent thrive in human resources

You know your stuff when it comes to HR. We feel the same way about recruiting. Our recruiters have a deep understanding of thehuman resources roles they recruit for. Our knowledge, innate understanding, and personal experience put us in a  prime position to help you find the right job fit.

Our training program is specific to HR. We're committed to constantly improving our technical and interpersonal skills to ensure that you're working with a specialist who is fully equipped to understand your needs and expectations.

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