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Cloud computing plays a significant role in today’s business landscape. It’s used by professionals and organizations of all sizes to store information. A cloud architect plays a key role in overseeing a company’s cloud computing strategy. You

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architect jobs in canada

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You will work with businesses to help them use cloud-based applications strategically for business. You will help migrate cloud solutions, design cloud applications based on business needs, and manage cloud applications to ensure they are effective. You will also play an important role in consulting key decision makers about new trends and cloud best practices. If you are a cloud architect and are currently looking for new opportunities, please contact Randstad Canada today to explore available opportunities.

architect jobs in canada

what cloud architect jobs entail

Cloud architects work in an office setting. They spend most of their time working on a computer and other applications. Most work as part of a team within the IT department or with an IT consulting firm. Office hours can vary based on business needs. While you may hold normal office hours, additional hours are common to troubleshoot issues and to meet project deadlines. You may also be required to be on call from time to time. In most cases, you will report to the VP of technology.

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average cloud architect salaries

Cloud architects have an average annual salary of more than $120,000. The salary range starts about just over $85,000 per year, and you can make up to $180,000 annually. Many of the roles include profit sharing, performance bonuses and other incentives as part of the compensation package.

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your day to day tasks

As a cloud architect, you are responsible for helping the organization create cloud-based solutions that are in alignment with business needs and objectives. Some of the responsibilities that are part of your role include the following:

  • designing cloud environments
  • migrating tools and data to the cloud
  • working with decision makers to determine cloud solutions
  • creating and executing cloud storage solutions
  • updating cloud-based applications
  • troubleshooting cloud issues
  • managing all cloud-based resources
  • advising on cloud-based solutions
  • training employees on using cloud applications
  • working collaboratively with IT vendors and internal IT teams
architect jobs in canada

where you can work

Cloud architects not only work within the IT industry for third party cloud solution providers. Increasingly, you find positions within the IT department of larger organizations across all industries. Common industries include business services, telecommunications, networking, and many more. Positions are commonly found in regions within Canada with a large business or technology presence such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

cloud architect jobs in canada

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what you bring to the table

Cloud architects have a specialized role within the IT department. In helping companies operate in the cloud, you will be required to have the following skills and abilities:

  • experience with public, private, and hybrid cloud applications
  • ability to design cloud solutions
  • strong business acumen
  • troubleshooting skills
  • ability to create innovative solutions
  • ability to work collaboratively
  • computer networking skills
  • knowledge about cloud migration
  • experience with IT consulting
  • time management and project management skills
  • experience with a variety of coding languages

training and certifications

Cloud architects are required to have bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or computer engineering. Industry certifications related to cloud computing may also be required by hiring companies. Companies are seeking candidates with a combination of academic requirements and professional experience working as a cloud architect. Additional requirements may also be included in job ads based on the specific role or industry.

where your career is headed

Since the role of cloud architect is still relatively new, many professionals remain in cloud architect or related roles. Many move up to take senior cloud architect roles, and other roles such as cloud architect lead, cloud migration architect, or cloud solution architect. With more emphasis being placed on cloud computing, expect opportunities in this area to grow and evolve over time.

Are you a cloud architect? Looking for opportunities in cloud architecture? Contact Randstad Canada today to get access to the top available roles in the industry.

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