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electrical engineer jobs in canada

about electrical engineering jobs

After civil engineering and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering is the third most in-demand engineering field in Canada, with over 1,800 electrical engineer job openings.

As an electrical engineer, you're responsible for designing, developing, maintaining and testing products and systems powered by or producing electricity. You’re comfortable with a diverse range of technologies. In your work, you frequently deal with electricity, electro-magnetism and electronics, as well as other components involving control systems, telecommunications and signal processing. You may plan and design systems using computer software but you’re also good at designing by hand.

electrical engineer jobs in canada

what electrical engineer jobs entail

Electrical engineers usually work in a lab or office environment. Depending on the project you're working on, you may also work in a plant or industrial setting. You likely supervise computer programmers, electricians, or other professionals as a part of your role. Many electrical engineers opt to specialize and work within a sub-discipline such as electronic, microelectronics, signal processing, power, telecommunications and computer engineering.

electrical engineer salaries in canada

average electrical engineer salaries

Electrical engineers are in high demand in most major city centres in Canada. Due to the demand, most licensed electrical engineers will be able to command a starting salary in the $70,000 range in most Canadian markets. The one exception is in Quebec. Electrical engineer salaries in Quebec are significantly lower than the national average. This is a pattern we see with many other engineering fields, as well.

With some experience under your belt, your salary can climb over $90,000 in the right markets. Western Canada, in particular, is experiencing an intense demand for skilled electrical engineers, and you'll find high salaries in these areas to match.

salaries across canada

  • toronto electrical engineer salary

    $66,600 to $124,500

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  • vancouver electrical engineer salary

    $67,200 - $124,400

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  • montreal electrical engineer salary

    $62,700 to $118,000

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  • calgary electrical engineer salary

    $69,300 - $127,200

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electrical engineer jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

As an electrical engineer, your daily tasks may include both theoretical work (on a computer system) and hands-on work creating and testing electrical systems. Some of the tasks you'll be involved in may include:

  • planning or defining project requirements
  • designing circuitry and electronic parts
  • creating prototypes and testing them
  • researching networks and conducting feasibility studies
  • preparing cost estimates and budgets
  • designing electronic circuits, components, systems and equipment
  • overseeing the installation of electronics
  • preparing proposals and tenders for work
  • supervising other specialists and engineers
electrical engineer jobs in canada

where you can work

Electrical engineer jobs are found in a variety of industries and companies including electrical utilities, communications companies, manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, and consulting firms.

Electrical engineers are in demand all across Canada. The strongest demand for electrical engineers is in Canada's major city centres, particularly those that have strong ties to industries that rely on electronics such as technologies, telecommunications and manufacturing. Cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton are where your best job prospects lie.

electrical engineering jobs in canada

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what you bring to the table

To be a successful electrical engineer, you'll need to be an expert in circuitry and electronic systems You're comfortable working on computers and in a hands-on setting. In addition to your technical skill with electrical systems, employers will also be looking for:

  • flexibility and creativity
  • ability to work with a multidisciplinary team
  • excellent problem solving
  • ability to troubleshoot electrical problems
  • familiarity with industry standard software
  • written and verbal communication skills

training and certifications

To become an aerospace engineer, you will need an undergraduate degree in science or engineering. Some of the most common BS degrees held by aerospace engineers include: aeronautical engineering, avionics, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, software engineering, physics and mathematics. Depending on the aerospace engineering field you choose to specialize in, you may also be required to obtain a Master’s or PhD to advance your career.

Engineering is a regulated profession in Canada, so you'll need to obtain your engineering license to be employable. In most provinces and territories, the certification is a P.Eng (professional engineer) and requires you to complete a relevant degree, several years of professional practice and pass an exit exam.

where your career is headed

With the cycle of technological development churning out new computers and electronics at a rapid pace, your skills as an electrical engineer are in demand across Canada. 

Electrical engineering is a field where foreign experience and accreditation is often welcomed, as a large percentage of electrical engineers in Canada received their training abroad. Organizations in Canada frequently work with government agencies to obtain work visas for foreign applicants who have the electrical engineering skills they need.

Future opportunities for electrical engineers are typically supervisory and management positions in the same field.

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