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Your organization is ambitious and forward-thinking and deserves talent to match. Randstad Technologies connects you with driven, forward-thinking individuals who have the skills to make meaningful contributions to your company.

Randstad Technologies is backed by over three decades of experience and devoted to providing better, more efficient candidate sourcing than any other recruitment company. Our expertise in all areas of the tech and IT landscape are essential to sourcing talent that will shape your business and help you create and innovate. From established tech roles such as software developers and data analysts, to specialists in emerging technologies such as mobile development, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, social media, and cloud computing, our team is plugged into a diverse array of tech talent.

We connect you with dynamic IT professionals with the skills, experience and drive you're looking for. From permanent hires that shape your business, to skilled contractors to assist with key projects, Randstad Technologies delivers the tailored IT recruitment your organization needs to stay on the cutting-edge. When your business is flourishing, we know we've done our job right.

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  • receive short-listed candidates within 48 hours
  • keep talent long-term (we have a 98% talent retention rate)
  • take advantage of enterprise solutions for large hiring volume
  • our tech division is 100% focused on tech placements and knows the technology industry inside out
  • as specialized IT recruiters we understand all the different IT roles, and the skills and characteristics required for success
  • we get to know your company needs and culture to find candidates who fit in all areas
  • we look beyond industry jargon and buzzwords when sourcing and screening candidates
  • we consistently deliver better candidates in high-demand fields such as DevOps, mobile, cloud computing, social media, analytics, IoT, security, and infrastructure
  • tap into a massive database of pre-screened candidates
  • optimize employee tracking and payment with our industry-leading online timesheet system

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find the tech talent you're looking for

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The digital landscape is constantly evolving as new technologies take precedence. Just 10 years ago, many of us had never heard of Facebook, watched a video on YouTube, or given a thought to what a 'mobile-friendly' website looks like. A decade later, and we can't imagine a world without an internet-connected smartphone that puts all these things at our fingertips.

The rate of technological innovation is only accelerating. The adoption cycle has been compressed from years into months, if not less. You only need look at the latest viral sensation to see how quickly technology spreads new information.

The rapid fire changes in how Canadians use and interact with technology can make it difficult for even the most savvy businesses to keep up. Randstad Technologies helps businesses of all sizes navigate emerging technologies and source the best and brightest talent to ensure you're always one step ahead of competitors.

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In a competitive industry where constant change is the only given, finding driven, innovative talent with the latest tech skills can be a challenge. Enter Randstad.

We cut through the chaos and connect you with the best and brightest talent in the market. With our experience, market knowledge and global reach, we consistently deliver candidates who meet your ever-changing technical requirements and fit seamlessly into your corporate culture. Our reputation for excellence has led many of Canada's most recognizable IT leaders to count on our expertise for their hiring needs.

tap into a global talent network

The technologies industry isn’t exclusive to one city or province; it's global.

Randstad has offices in every province in Canada, and over 40 international markets, allowing you to tap into a vast network of potential candidates in every corner of the world.

Each year, we help companies across Canada find tech professionals who understand their vision and have the skills to make it happen. We help our clients place over a thousand candidates across Canada each year.


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