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With change being one of the few constants in the world of work, you need a solid HR partner to ensure your employer/employee relationships and brand remain strong and intact, especially in times of restructuring or layoffs. Outplacement services that ensure successful career transitions are more important than ever.

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RiseSmart offers the perfect blend of revolutionary technology and world-class outplacement services to transition your talent into new roles faster, while limiting your liability, saving on outplacement and unemployment costs, and protecting your brand. With innovative outplacement solutions RiseSmart offers your employees the best chance to succeed as they transition in their careers. In fact, we have an 80% success rate in placing new roles.

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RiseSmart enables employees to discover new opportunities within your organization quickly, allowing you to retain the best and the brightest while creating a flexible work environment. We match the goals, skills, and experience of talent with relevant internal opportunities allowing them to identify positions inside your organization quickly. We also offer personalized coaching and a range of resources to support transitioning employees.

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training and workshops

RiseSmart’s SmartSession Workshops have been designed for current employees, transitioning employees, HR teams, and managers. These trainings help employees stay resilient during times of change, help your transitioning employees get a head start in their job search, and prepare managers and HR teams to handle transition events effectively. We accommodate a variety of delivery methods. Take advantage of a full-day or half-day session of in-person workshops, an onsite transition coach, a combination of both, or live webinars.

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