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Today's HR teams face a paradox: customers and clients expect technology to streamline their experience, however at the same time they crave a personalized, human touch. To address this need, we must learn how to use tech to facilitate an experience that is inherently more human.

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our tech and touch approach

We've made it a priority to integrate HR tech into our processes at Randstad. We call it our tech and touch approach.

That's why we created the Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF). RIF provides a framework to seamlessly integrate HR tech into our processes, while working to improve our human connections with candidates, clients and employees.

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At every step of the hiring process, there are low-value, repetitive tasks that can be automated. Each of our RIF solutions alleviates one of these pain points. Leveraging technology, we reduce our administrative burden and create a better experience. That frees up time to invest in our relationships with candidates, clients and employees. Need help identifying how HR tech can help solve your HR challenges? Let's connect.

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how people look for work is changing

Today's job seekers approach looking for work differently than they did even a decade ago. With an abundance of digital tools available, the challenge becomes cutting through all the online noise to find job opportunities that fit their career path. That's where HR professionals come into play. We have an opportunity to forge human connections and provide guidance and support, so that people can successfully navigate technology and find opportunities where they will thrive.

choosing a job is an important part of someone's life, so we can not remove empathy from the process. people are looking for advice, they're looking to be provided with guidance and direction, and also to be asked the right questions, in order to make sure they make a sound and positive decision.

Marc-Etienne Julien, CEO Randstad Canada

what will the future of HR look like?

Technology isn't replacing HR professionals. To the contrary. Rather than cutting out the need for people, technology is streamlining repetitive and time consuming tasks that don't benefit from human interaction. When these tasks are taken out of the equation, HR professionals are free to spend more time in areas such as building relationships with clients or getting to know candidates, where their efforts will have the most impact.

innovation at randstad

The Randstad Innovation Fund is a strategic corporate venture that fuels innovation and supports our ambition to be a leader the HR tech space. We've invested in a variety of tools and platforms from early-stage startups to growth-stage ventures. Our portfolio focuses on areas of HR tech such as online platforms, big data, machine learning, sourcing, screening and candidate selection.

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