have a pool of talent you can count on with randstad youplan.

Introducing Randstad youplan, a revolutionary workforce planning tool that streamlines hiring and arranging schedules for temporary and shift-based workers. With this cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, filling high-volume shifts is a breeze.

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Randstad youplan, our workforce scheduling solution, is a cutting-edge new tool for high-volume employers. Randstad youplan provides employers with instant access to a large pool of pre-vetted talent for shift work. This ensures a steady supply of talent is always at your disposal and shifts are filled in a timely manner.

When you post a shift on Randstad youplan, an alert is sent to workers within your approved pool. They can then accept or decline. Once enough workers are confirmed for the shift, the job is closed. The entire process is automated and cuts down on countless hours spent vetting workers and organizing shifts.

the benefits of randstad youplan

24/7 access

Access Randstad youplan whenever it's convenient for you. Once your account has been set up and a pool of talent has been selected and approved, simply log in any time of day to post a shift. Whether you prefer to check in first-thing in the morning or are a night-owl, Randstad youplan is available to you 24/7. Simply log-in to post a shift or check on the status of a previous shift.

streamline planning

Randstad youplan makes scheduling shifts hassle-free. As employer, scheduling the workers you need is as simple as posting the shift details on Randstad youplan. No more chasing down workers to confirm their shifts and manually adding them to the schedule. When you post a job, the workers come to you. Everything is 100% automated.

a better experience for workers

For temporary workers, the experience is smoother than traditional shift planning. They know the instant a job is available through Randstad youplan's notification system. Workers can opt to accept or decline on the spot. There's no back and forth communication to worry about. All pre-vetted workers are added to the Randstad youplan app where they can log in to see their schedule and check if there any new jobs that fit their preferences and availability. 

save time

Randstad youplan eliminates a large portion of administrative work involved in finding temporary workers and confirming them for shifts. Once your initial pool of workers has been selected and vetted, all you need to do is post a shift on Randstad youplan. The rest is handled automatically. Gone are the days when you had to chase after workers to confirm them for shifts. After the initial set up phase, you have instant access to a hand-picked pool of workers.

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who can use randstad youplan?

Randstad youplan was designed for employers who have a high volume of shift work or project-based work. We can work with you on the exact requirements.

Randstad youplan is intended to match candidates and employers in the temporary work sector and is not suited to hiring full-time workers.

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