Governments have begun rolling out plans to reopen non-essential sectors of the economy. With the risk of COVID-19 still looming, you must figure out how and when to reopen your manufacturing facility safely, while protecting the health and safety of your workers and vendors.;

If you’re a small or medium-sized operation, it can be difficult to navigate all the changes on your own. The resources currently available can be complicated or unclear on the exact steps you must take. That’s why we developed an end-to-end guide to help you build a plan for your workers to return to your facility safely. The guide breaks down the return to work process into straight-forward steps. We walk you through everything you need to consider when reopening your facility, and how to develop a return to work plan that prioritizes health and safety.


what’s inside our business recovery roadmap for warehouses

  • how to determine when it’s safe to reopen your warehouse
  • a step-by-step guide to building a health and safety plan
  • guidelines for physical distancing in a warehouse setting
  • insights on how we can support you during this transition

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