How well do you understand your employees' work preferences? Offering flexible employment arrangements and scheduling can play a significant role in keeping your current employees and attracting new talent. Hopefully, you’ve already downloaded and reviewed our cracking the talent code guide. If you haven't, you can get the guide now on the key things employees value.


flexible work schedules can be an advantage when hiring

Offering multiple employment options can give your organization flexibility. Offering part-time, contract, and freelance positions can help you attract talent, give your current staff greater flexibility, and better manage payroll costs.

Randstad can help you understand:

  • Why full-time roles are not always the best hiring solution
  • When it makes sense to offer alternative employment offers
  • How part-time or other employment arrangements are budget friendly

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Offering flexible scheduling and arrangements can be a competitive advantage. In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • The story of a business in the automotive sector that was struggling to attract new employees and retain current employees.
  • How shifting the focus from full-time to part-time positions doubled the number of applicants
  • How flexible and part-time work increased the company’s retention rate, as many people were seeking out flexible work arrangements.

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