More than one in five office workers switched jobs in the past year, and another 16% say they plan to change jobs next year. The Great Resignation, which involves higher-than-normal turnover rates across various industries, has hit office work environments pretty hard.

What can employers do to stop or slow these attrition trends while positively impacting their ability to hire top talent? Discovering the benefits that office workers want is an excellent first step.

understanding benefits packages that excite office workers

One major hurdle employers must leap when designing benefits packages is that management and business leaders don't always have a great idea of what employees need and want. This disparity can cause you to develop packages that sound good to the C-suite but end up being a waste because they don't speak to the needs of your teams.

For example, many company leaders will tell you that higher pay isn't that important. Employees want flexibility and better perks, and they'll stay in a position without a decent pay bump if those other elements are present. While a comprehensive benefits package and company fit are meaningful, pay is also critical. We asked office workers what motivated them to switch jobs, and 60% pointed to higher pay.

Taking human resource advice and knowledge out of context leads to issues with your benefits packages. Employers should work to understand the big picture of employee retention so they can create comprehensive benefits packages that speak to more employees and offer long-term reasons to stay.

Three colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room, while one colleague is making a call outside the room.
Three colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room, while one colleague is making a call outside the room.

more factors than ever are influencing the hiring market

Today's hiring market is incredibly competitive. Employers need to match the going rate for market salary and expect to win when hiring talent. You have to consider a variety of factors, including:

  • the impact of skills shortages and talent scarcity on your hiring and retention processes
  • the need to retain current employees while also hiring new ones as you scale for growth
  • how growing desires for remote and hybrid work opportunities are shifting the landscape

Many employers are struggling to pivot in this new and competitive market, so if you're experiencing higher-than-normal turnover, you're not alone. 

randstad has answers about ideal office worker benefits

Where does an employer go to start understanding what benefits employers want? To the employees themselves, of course! Employers can gather data that informs better benefits packages by asking office workers why they might consider changing jobs and what would keep them in their current position.

Luckily, you don't have to do this work because we've already done it for you. Leveraging our extensive talent network, we asked 400 office workers of all levels and types what motivates them to leave a job. We put the responses together in a free download that gives you the data you need to:

  • crack the talent code so you can hire and retain more top talent
  • create benefits packages that include the perks and options your employees and new hires want

get the free download today and start offering the right benefits

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  • the must-have benefits every office worker wants or needs
  • how can you address work-life balance desires for top office talent
  • common employee desires for growth, skills development and career advancement
  • what office workers wish when it comes to workplace culture and employer social responsibility

Pair the insights you gain from our download with knowledge gleaned from our other articles to help launch benefit initiatives that perform. Begin by reading up on the best employee benefits and perks in 2023.

Then, turn to our article on ten awesome employee benefits that cost nothing to find out how you can increase the value of benefits packages without substantially increasing your budget. 

It's always the right time to consider what you can do to make your employees happy. Download our guide and get started today.

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