If we told you to double your salary offer to get the best professional talent, what would you say? Okay, we admit that’s a little extreme. You don't always have to go that big to get a result, but even increasing your salary range a small amount can have a big impact on the number and quality of candidates who are interested in your job. It’s critical to ensure your salary ranges are aligned with the market and your own expectations when hiring for any position.

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the same old pay rates don't meet today's standards

The compensation that cultivated strong employee/employer relationships just a few years ago might be considered insulting by candidates today. That's due to a number of reasons, including a massive skills shortage in the nation that's only deepened following the pandemic.

To understand if your salary offers are competitive — and ensure you're not losing top talent to other firms — it's important to evaluate your pay rates regularly.

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If you've already downloaded the salary guide and want to learn more about how competitive salary offers work in the real world, check out our case study. It details a small business struggling to hire an intermediate HR generalist. 

Was the company offering a competitive pay rate? No. Learn what happened when the company listed the position in that range and how it impacted their ability to fill the role successfully.

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