Hiring and retaining customer service employees can be a challenge. But with the right processes and insights, you can overcome common obstacles to create powerhouse hiring channels that bring the best applicants to your door (and keep them loyal to you as an employer).

call center agent
call center agent

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salary range is a critical consideration

Offering an appropriate salary range for the type of experience and skills you're looking for is an important part of strong hiring processes.

It's easy to fall into the status quo, offering starting salary ranges commiserate with tradition instead of market value. However, that causes your business to lag behind the competition, which means top customer service and call centre talent is less likely to accept a job offer with you. And even if candidates do say yes to the paycheck, they might be poised to switch employers as soon as a better offer comes along.

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  • how a manufacturing company with a customer service need struggled to fill a position
  • why salary was a critical consideration
  • how Randstad supported the business in tweaking their job offering
  • whether the story ends on a positive note (spoiler alert: there's definitely a positive return on this investment!)

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