Hiring the right people can be challenging, and when you must fill numerous positions rapidly, the stakes are even higher, especially in the healthcare sector where lives and well-being are on the line. But hiring healthcare staff or administrative support to meet patient demand, fill positions in a newly opened hospital wing or meet other business and clinical needs doesn't have to put everything on pause. With the right approach, you can fill urgent roles quickly without sacrificing experience or must-have skills.

Whether you're hiring data entry staff to meet back-office needs or bringing on more experienced clinical workers to care for patients, a qualified recruiting partner can help you achieve faster and more successful results.

why work with a recruiting partner?

Strong staffing firms have access to databases of pre-vetted candidates for a wide variety of positions. Whether you're looking for a data entry clerk with knowledge of medical terminology and diagnosis codes or you need ICU nurses to back up overworked personnel, an HR partner can start meeting those needs without having to conduct a search first. That drastically cuts down on time to fill.

Other perks of outsourcing some of your hiring include:

  • Getting backup and support to handle tedious application review and interview processes.
  • Expert support for testing and validating candidates.
  • The ability to hire larger numbers of qualified candidates at a time.

why work with randstad?

Canadian businesses have a wide range of recruitment partners to work with, including small agencies that specialize in one type of hiring and national organizations such as Randstad. 

Randstad offers a number of benefits you may not get with the competition, including dedicated recruitment teams and an account manager, so you always know who you're working with. Vetted databases of thousands of candidates, specialists who work exclusively in healthcare recruitment and proven processes that get qualified talent in your door within a few days are other reasons to choose Randstad when hiring administrative staff or clinical professionals.

Discover the details behind the Randstad difference in our latest case study, which highlights how Randstad helped a clinic fill urgent positions to tackle work backlogs.

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