What difference does a dollar or two make? When you're talking about worker hourly wages, it turns out the answer is quite a lot, actually! Hopefully you’ve already downloaded and reviewed our salary guide for this year. If you haven't, get the guide now and consider connecting with us for a free salary guide meeting to better understand what competitive pay rates in your sector really look like.

woman wearing safety goggles
woman wearing safety goggles

learn about salary trends

Looking for support in how to put all this salary trend data to work for your business?

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getting buy-in for higher wage rates

Offering higher wages for incoming employees can mean a lot of changes for your organization. That includes differences in your budget as well as considerations about whether you should raise the pay for existing staff.

We know these are serious business decisions, which means you need data to make them. Randstad can help you understand:

  • what type of pay your competitors are offering
  • what people are willing to do the job for
  • what other perks you might offer to interest top talent

download our case study

Get started gathering data for your decision so you can make an informed decision about the pay rate for your roles. In this case study, you'll find:

  • the story of a multinational retail distribution company with a major hiring and retention issue
  • how a $1.50 per hour wage increase helped solve some of their core recruiting challenges
  • why the solution was so effective that the company implemented it for thousands of employees

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