During urgent situations, such as the COVID-19 crisis, many employers are finding they are experiencing staff shortages. The demand for their services is ramping up, and their existing staff are unable to keep up with the increased workload. For companies in essential sectors that are surging during the crisis, simply transitioning existing employees to work from home is not enough to meet demand. However bringing on new employees while working remotely comes with challenges of its own, such as how to onboard  them. An ideal solution is to hire temporary workers who already have the skills and experience to step into a role and can be deployed quickly to address urgent concerns.


In this case study, we explore how Randstad responded to an urgent hiring mandate from a call centre company. Randstad supported them with sourcing, hiring and onboarding over 200 temporary workers during the COVID-19 crisis. The case study examines:

  • How to hire temporary workers to scale up your workforce urgently
  • Key information you need to communicate with temporary workers
  • Tips to successfully train and ramp up a high-volume of new temporary workers 
  • Tracking temporary workers’ hours and managing talent in a remote setting

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