Great customer service is vital in today’s consumer-driven landscape. Effective customer service teams listen closely, respond quickly and solve problems on the double. When consumers feel heard, they feel valued — and they respond by remaining loyal to your brand. 

Call centre staffing issues undermine the customer service dynamic. When open positions go unfilled, callers experience delays. Over time, consumer frustration translates to a loss in revenue.

Last year, Randstad helped a major Canadian bank solve perpetual staffing issues at four of its biggest call centres.

the challenge

A large bank in Canada has four call centres based in various provinces. They’re unable to deal with the volume of calls they receive. By the time Randstad arrives on scene, the bank’s customer retention is at an all-time low. Plummeting profits have driven the bank to crisis point.

To survive, the bank has to find a solution to its call centre staffing issues — and quickly.

finding a solution

The bank needs a bigger customer service team to tackle calls and reduce wait times. Randstad partners with management and HR teams across all four call centres. Together, they deep dive into:

  • Processes: Do all four call centres follow standardized procedures?
  • People: Do new hires match company culture? If not, why not?
  • Programs: Do customer service teams use the latest customer service tech to solve consumer issues?

An initial period of analysis leads to widespread change across the board. A streamlined hiring strategy, cutting-edge customer service technology and standardized processes improve customer satisfaction and turn the company’s fortunes around.

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