Workplace productivity is one of those topics that’s always relevant. Whether it’s a slower season or a peak, busy one, you want to ensure that your employees are productive and able to complete their work effectively. The overall uncertainty in the business environment right now is also bound to affect your workplace productivity. Many industries have had to implement new health and safety rules (such as reduced on-site capacity) because of the pandemic. These kinds of changes can build up and put your management into a situation where you’re carefully balancing productivity and the well-being of your employees. 

An experienced staffing partner can help you figure out this balancing act and ensure that you have skilled employees at your disposal when you need them, while also ensuring that health and safety rules are followed to a tee. Here are a few ways a staffing partner can help you manage your hiring practices to maximize workplace productivity.


temporary staffing 

Temporary staffing is an affordable way to replace workers who are absent, especially short-term. With temporary staffing you can cover missed shifts and ensure that your workflow is not interrupted no matter the circumstances. A staffing agency will be able to provide a steady stream of pre-vetted, skilled temporary workers.

permanent hiring

Permanent hiring is what we think of when ‘hiring’ comes to mind. If you need to hire new employees to expand or replace employees who have left, a permanent hiring solution is your best bet. A staffing agency will help you find the right skills and vet employees to ensure they’re a match for your workplace.

large volume hiring 

Industries such as manufacturing and warehousing require a lot of workers to run smoothly. Hiring a large volume of workers can ensure you have all the staff you need to maximize workplace productivity, especially during busy seasons. A staffing partner will have access to a large network of candidates which can help make volume hiring easier. 

onboarding expertise 

Onboarding is an important step to get new employees started in your workplace. Ensuring you have a solid onboarding process will help workers get situated and understand all the critical health and safety rules in your workplace. A staffing partner can help consult on elements of your onboarding package to ensure employees are productive from day one.

health and safety expertise 

Keeping your workers safe is non-negotiable. A safe and healthy workplace is a productive one. A staffing partner will be able to help you devise health and safety guidelines to protect your workers and ensure you’re following all laws and regulations. At Randstad, for example, we have an extensive health and risk management team to provide consulting and support to employers.

as you can tell, there are a lot of elements that go into creating a productive workplace. a staffing partner can help you in many of these areas. download our guide on working with a staffing partner to maximize workplace productivity to learn more.

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